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Hieroglyphics were used for approximately 3200 years. The first clearly readable sentences dated from about the 28th Century BCE until about the year 394.


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Hieroglyphics were used for writing

Ancient Egyptians used hieroglyphics

Hieroglyphics were used in Ancient Egypt.

Hieroglyphics were first used in ancient Egypt.

Hieroglyphics were used to record information and write histories.

No they used glyphs. Hieroglyphics were used by the Egyptians.

The most popular civilization that used hieroglyphics was Ancient Egypt.

Nothing, as the Greeks did not use Hieroglyphics. They used the Greek alphabet. The Egyptians used hieroglyphics.

There is no such thing as a hieroglyphics alphabet. Hieroglyphics used some symbols to represent consonant sounds, but they were never used as a stand-alone alphabet.

Hieroglyphics are symbols that are used to write. They are used as pictorial characters that create words or messages.

Hieroglyphics was a writing system used for ancient Egyptian.

Yes, the ancient Egyptians used hieroglyphics.

Both Egypt and Sumeria used hieroglyphics

Scribes wrote hieroglyphics. Priests and royalty were also taught hieroglyphics.

Ancient people used hieroglyphics as a form of writing. Hieroglyphics were a series of images that Ancient Egyptians used to communicate with each other.

The Ancient Egyptians used hieroglyphics. You can see it in many Egyptian pyramids.

a long time ago people used hieroglyphics. They are like using pictures as words, and numbers were done with a different type of drawing. hope that helped

Egyptians used hieroglyphics to record their history and communicate.

There are no vowels in Egyptian hieroglyphics. The falcon is often mistakenly used as an A, but this is incorrect.

The Egyptians did. Via a long way, our alphabet is also related to hieroglyphics (via Greek, Phoenician, Cuneiform, and then Hieroglyphics)!

Today, hieroglyphics are only used as decorations, particularly to convey an Egyptian theme.

Hieroglyphics are a form a writing. they're not built. They're written.

The country that people had used hieroglyphics was Egypt.

hieroglyphics were used to show language in a mainly picture oriented society.

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