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How long will a bad trip last?


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January 21, 2008 10:54PM

The trip itself will last as long as the effects of the drug last. This depends on what drug and how much of it you took - some averages are as follows (the range is from very low to very high doses):

LSD: 6 - 14 hrs

Mushrooms: 2 - 6 hrs

Mescaline (Peyote): 8 - 16 hrs

PCP: 4 - 6 hrs

Even after the trip is over, psychological difficulties can persist for weeks or even months. This is not the result of brain damage (PCP is an exception - it's not a true psychedelic but a disassociative anesthetic, and may be neurotoxic); instead, users will often interpret disturbing things seen during the trip as revelations about themselves or the world, and will have trouble reconciling those revelations with their previous view of reality.

Ultimately a bad trip may be psychologically healthy if it forces the user to deal with unpleasant aspects of themselves they were trying to ignore. It can also be damaging if the user is unable to cope with what they've learned and looses hope, or if they misinterpret delusional thoughts as truth. Either way, these drugs are powerful and challenging, and should not be taken lightly.