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one week

(7 days)

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Q: How long will a chocolate torte last after baking?
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How long does baking power last?

Generally baking powder will last for six months to one year.

How long does chocolate last before it goes bad?

If properly stored, chocolate can last up to one year.

How long will chocolate candy last when mailed?

As long as the chocolate is not exposed to extremes of temperature, it should last indefinitely. M&Ms travel better than a chocolate bar would.

What is the difference between baking chocolate and regular chocolate?

None specifically. The kind of chocolate used for baking should be high in cocoa solids - percentages are usually listed on both baking and eating chocolate. As long as you buy an eating chocolate high in cocoa solids (65% or higher), it will be fine to bake with (assuming no weird "fondant centres" or "caramel chunks" etc...). I think 'baking chocolate' is primarily sold to people who do not bake often, so do not know what to look for when choosing a chocolate variety with which to bake.

How long does chocolate moose last?

3 days

How long will chocolate last in the freezer?

FOREVER but as long as you don't eat it first

How long do muffins last after baking?

2 to 3 days normally.

Should chocolate cheesecake be baked?

In general, cheesecake of any description is baked if it contains eggs. I have made chocolate cheesecake without any eggs and it only required refrigeration. The use of chocolate is not relevant, I found, to whether baking was required. You do realize, I hope, that whether you bake your cheesecake or not, it will not last long.

How long will a baked chocolate cake last?

Chocolate cake will be good for approximately one week when refrigerated.

How long will a chocolate pie last?

If stored properly (cool, dry place), it can last for about a week.

How long does unopened dove dark chocolate last?

ask dove.

How long does opened baking powder last?

Once a can is opened, fresh baking powder should be good for 3 to 6 months.

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