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When you get your tree home and before you bring it inside, cut at least 1 inch on a small slant off the bottom. This creates an open "wound" that the tree can take water through. As long as you keep the bottom of the tree and the entire cut area filled with water, you should get a good, solid month out of the tree before it starts to dry out and lose its needles.

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Q: How long will a cut Christmas tree last in water?
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How long can a Christmas tree last indoors?

it can last forever

How long do you have to water a Christmas tree?

You must water the Christmas Tree once everyday because it needs a lot of water

How can I make a Christmas Tree last longer?

If you give it water mixed with 7 Up or Ginger Ale, then the Christmas Tree should last longer.

How long does a fresh Christmas tree last?

A live Christmas tree should last 3-4 weeks if kept watered. Cut off an inch or so of the trunk, soak it in a bucket of water for several hours before decorating the tree. Your tree stand should hold water and you should refresh it daily. My parents used to put sugar into the water, but not sure what the reasoning was for that.

How do you make a Christmas tree last longer?

water it on a daily basis, but dont over- water it for it will cause the tree to die. If you want the tree to last all year, try planting the tree in some mulch.

Why do people put a aspirin in the water for a christmas tree or flowers?

Some people put an aspirin in the water for a Christmas tree or flowers in order to preserve their freshness for as long as possible.

How do you get your mother to put up the Christmas tree early?

Persuade her to get an artificial tree which can last all of Christmas.

How do you keep your Christmas tree moist?

Place it in a Christmas tree stand and water it whenever the level of water gets low.

If you cut a piece oak tree and put it in water will it last longer than a pine tree?

no pine trees last long

What is the last song sung on Charlie Brown Christmas?

oh Christmas tree.

What do you use to water a Christmas tree?

water? LOL

How do you feed a Christmas tree?


How do You water a Christmas tree?

you don't water a Christmas tree unless it is a real tree it has to have a pot at the bottom to water - at the bottom of a real tree is a pot that the tree is supported by, there should be a little watering hole at the bottom, poor water in the hole until you can stick your finger and actually feel the water then you know that the tree has enough water ;)

Do you have to water a real Christmas tree?

Yes, you have to water a real Christmas tree or it will dry out, which causes the needles to fall off, and it becomes a fire hazard.

How can one keep a fresh Christmas tree green longer?

There are a few ways to keep a Christmas tree green longer. One of the easiest ways is to keep the Christmas tree in water. Also keep the Christmas tree away from direct sunlight.

Can you buy a Christmas tree on Christmas day?

Yes, most tree lots are open on Christmas Day. Even better, you will likely get a discount on your tree because you waited so long.

Can cut Christmas tree last forever?

When you say cut and you mean real tree than NO!

The longest lasting Christmas tree?

You can get realistic looking man-made trees, if your looking for a live tree and how long it will last after being cut, I found Scotch pine holds its needles the longest.(tip: put a drop of bleach in a quart of water, for watering tree, keeps the fungus down.)

What is that thing called that you use to put water in for the Christmas tree?

As a whole, that and the tree holding mechanism are called the 'Christmas tree stand'. When referring to the unit individually you can call it a 'tree stand water dish', though I've also heard it called tree pan, tree dish, or tree feeder.

What happens when you don't water a Christmas tree?

it dies

How do you keep a real Christmas tree fresh?

You will find if you don't cut them down they tend to last much longer. you have to cut them down so that the tree will drink water ?

What do Christmas trees need to live?

Just keep their base full of water. If you refill it every day, the tree should last the month.

What is a popular design for a Christmas tree bag?

There are a wide range of Christmas tree bags but there does not seem to be a specific popular design. The typical Christmas tree bags are a round long duffel type bag that is large enough to hold a tree.

When was the first recorded Christmas tree?

In my house last year pingu

Does the star go on the Christmas tree first or last?

Always first!