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Oscar fish will live at least five years if its tank is large enough for it to keep growing.

AnswerOscars, if given the ideal environment and come from breeders that have also lived to along age can live over 20 years. but most around 8 to 12 years
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Q: How long will an Oscar fish live?
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Can sea horses live with Oscar fish in an aquarium?

Sea Horse live in salt water and Oscar Fish live in fresh water. So no they can not live together. Oscar Fish are an American Cichlid.

Can goldfish and Oscar fish live together?

no, oscar fish can be quite aggressive and will most likely eat the goldfish if the oscar fish is a big enough size.

Can purple spotted gudgeon fish live with Oscar fish?

if they are both put inb4 your Oscar is huge, anything can live with an Oscar, they are mistaken for being aggressive, when usually they are just hungry.

Can Oscar fish live with algae eater fish?

Yes, I have had lots of experience with Oscars. One of mine died recently from a sickness. Algae eater fish are not dominant, in this case the Oscar does not take it as a threat and does not bother it. The answer to your question is yes, an Oscar can live with an algae eater fish.

Are Oscar fish live bearers?

No. They lay eggs.

How long does it take for an Oscar fish to get used to a new tank?

How long does it take for a oscar to get used to a new tank

Where do Oscar fish live at?

Oscars Live in the Amazon River in South America

Can a puffer fish and an Oscar fish live together?

I have 4 green spotted puffer fish living with a albino tiger Oscar them seem to get along fine, the puffers seem to do there thing while the Oscar tends to himself.

What do you feed an Oscar fish?

Oscar food is available at pet shops. This should be supplemented with live food like earthworms and small fish occasionally.

How is milo and Oscar brothers there not the same fish in fish hooks?

Milo and Oscar are not brothers. They are really close friends who live together! Hope that helped!

What type of fish is Oscar from shark tales?

Oscar is a type of fish so he is a Oscar fish

Who won the Oscar for Short Film - Live Action - in 1959?

The Golden Fish won the Oscar for Short Film - Live Action - in 1959.

How long do discus fish live?

How long do discuss fish live

Can guppies live with Oscar fish?

not a chance. you could buy guppies as feeder fish for them though.

Which fishes can live with Oscar fish?

Oscars can live with other oscars and they can live with ciclids and jack demseys

How long do salt water fish Live?

How long do salt water fish live?

How long do tiger fish live?

Where do tiger fish live

What eats Oscar fish?

Oscar fish may be eaten by bigger fish, including by bigger Oscar fish. If a mother Oscar senses a predatory threat nearby, she will hide her babies in her mouth to protect them.

How long does an Oscar fish carry its eggs?

3 to 4 months

Can a diamondback turtle live in a tank with a Oscar fish?

NO! Turtles are reptiles and should be kept in a vivarium never in an aquarium with fish. Reptiles and amphibians will foul the water and the fish will not survive.

Can turtles live with Oscar fish?

No because Oscar fish grow very large and the amount of water that the fish would need is way more than you could have for a turtle in captivity. Actually, I don't know of any fish that could live with a turtle in captivity, due to the amount of water they each need.

If you eat alive fish how long can it survive?

The fish can live as long as about 2 years but if yo eat alive fish the fish will live for about 2 months.

What breed is an Oscar fish?

Oscar fishes breed is Oscar

Where can you catch Oscar fish?

Oscar fish can be caught in the canals of Southern Florida.

How long does a Blob fish live?

As long as you want it to live.