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How long will chocolate candy remain edible?

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If stored in a cool, dry place, it will be good for several months.

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How long will hard boiled eggs remain edible if refrigerated?

4 days

How long will a sliced tomato remain edible after being served for 8 hours?

It will be edible for 36 hours, but it probably wont taste good...

How long does chocolate candy bars stay good for frozen?

2 weeks

How long will chocolate candy last when mailed?

As long as the chocolate is not exposed to extremes of temperature, it should last indefinitely. M&Ms travel better than a chocolate bar would.

Why is house built of chocolate and candy cannot last for long time in the forest?


How long can you keep chocolate candy?

Sometimes if you put it in the freezer it will stay hard as long as you want it or if it's in your pocket it will melt.

How long can vacuum sealed food that has been cooked remain edible in the freezer?

Meat products, for up to 2 years.

How long do chocolate covered Oreo cookies stay edible?

Quite a long time (!), if you store an unopened package in a cool place - potentially many months. However, an opened package, at room temperature, stay edible for only days.

Why do dried foods such as cereals remain edible for so long?

They last so long due to their low moisture content - pathogens and spoilage organisms cannot grow.

Why a house built of chocolate and candy cannot last for a long time in the forest?

Because of animals and climate.As animals will be attracted to chocolate and climate for every day will change

What candy bar is named for a long run?

Marathon bar, from Mars. An eight inch bar with chocolate and caramel

What candy bar is a long musical piece?

Hershey's Symphony, in Milk Chocolate or Toffee and Almonds flavor, introduced in 1989.

Is a piece of candy kinetic energy or potential energy?

Candy is a lump of edible substances comprised mostly of sugar.-- The chemical energy in the sugar can be released by your body'smetabolism if you put the candy inside.-- If, instead of that, you put the candy on a high shelf, then it haspotential energy.-- Alternatively, if you throw or drop the candy, then as long as it's moving,it has kinetic energy.

Is candy bad?

Candy (or lollies and chocolate as it may be called elsewhere), like almost any food, is not bad as long as it is eaten in moderation. It contains high amounts of sugar, and often saturated fats, both of which are bad for you when ingested too often. An occasional chocolate bar or handful of lollies/candy will do you little harm.

The name of this candy bar that is not made any longer but was long flat chocolate and chewy caramel and looked braided?

The Marathon Bar

How long can vacuum sealed food that has not been cooked remain edible in the freezer?

Vacuum sealed food should be good for 3 to 5 days refrigerated.

What are some facts about candy?

The first known trace of candy is from the ancient Mayans who invented multiple varieties of chocolate between the years of 300 A.D. and 1500 A.D. These chocolate varieties include a very bitter version of dark chocolate, an early form of hot chocolate, and the Mayans would even use chocolate beans as a curency in some vilages.:from the question when was candy made. Candy was also used not only for children joy in early 1900s candy wad used for SEX like candy thongs made by individuals and whip creme tupo this day it is used also the was a big spread where schools use kids to make money out if candy! Sour became a flavor very very long time ago like around late BC and early AD so now you knoe

For how long does crab dip remain edible?

Crab dip should not be kept unrefrigerated for more than four hours. It can last two to three days in the refrigerator.

What is edible long and wide?

a hot dog is edible. it is long and it is wide. that's the only thing i could think of.

When do farm eggs expire?

When collected and stored in optimum conditions farm fresh eggs can remain edible and safe to eat for as long as 90 days or longer.To test eggs, simply place the questionable eggs in a bowl and cover them with cool water. Old or "bad" eggs will float to the surface, eggs that are still edible and usable will remain on the bottom of the bowl.

Which birds are non edible?

If you think about it, anything is edible as long as you can swallow it. o.o

What would you prefer to eat candy corn or bones candy?

Since there are many different variations of each type of candy this is a tough decision. You can get candy corn in many different colors but the flavor is the same. As for the bones candy I would prefer that as long as its covered in chocolate. The blood covered ones would definitely be cute decoration for Halloween.

What is konut that is used for candy making?

Konut is a chocolate softener. Ordinarily, when you bite into chocolate, there's a "snap" or "crunch", but with konut it is smoother and creamier in texture. French Mints (like Andes), tend to be made with this ingredient. Some cake and candy supply stores carry it, and a little goes a long way.

What is the name of the long chocolate covered caramel candy bar in the early 1970's that was shaped like pretzels strung together?


How long will it take the dog to die if he ate chocolate?

It purely depends on how much chocolate your dog eats. To kill a dog with milk chocolate it would take a couple full sized candy bars, and dark chocolate I don't know but if you dropped like a chocolate chip or something just keep an eye on your dog. Hope I helped :)

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