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How long will it be until robots take over the world?

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robots will NEVER take over the world if they did they couldn't do anything to hurt anybody

Yes. Robots are used most often in manufacturing, including the building of automobiles.

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How do you avoid robots taking over the world?

Don't build robots that could take over the world.

Are robots taking over the world?

Robots plot to take over the world because they believe they are superior to humans.But I don't think they are going to take over the world

Can robots take over the world?


Are there robots anywhere?

There are robots in auto assembly lines all over the world, especially in Japan and Korea

Will robots ever take over the world?

No robots will never take over the world! People just say that to scare other people.

What would helper robots do for you?

Taking over the world mostly...

Are robots going to take over the world?

Yes, I know the future?!?

How long were evacuees evacuated during World War 2?

Until the war is over.

Will the story of 9 come true?

see: Will robots ever take over the world?the answer is there

Will The robots take over?

:) No I don't think that the robots will take over in 2011! They might take over in 5562! :) If robots have (?)pure(?) intelligence such as Humans, then they may wish to take over.

What do people think about robots taking over the world?

Many people are afraid of losing their jobs to robots. They want to feel a sense of purpose in working and they want the income.

Will lalaloopsies take over the world?

no, not unless they come into contact withy aliens or robots then they will kill you and your mama while disinigrating the world

How might robots be used in the future?

I think robots could take over the universe

Will robots take over the world within the next 100 years?

Yes. Experts believe that Robot Dinosaurs will take over the world in what they think to be 37 years. Be prepared.

Will robots take over in the future?


Why is it important to limit a governments powers?

because if they have too much power, they turn into robots and take over the world.

What impact do you think robots will have on your life in 10 years and in 50 years?

They will turn into skynet and take over the world

In what year will robots take over?

robots eventually will take over the world like in terminator and there will be something like skynet and before the robots take over there will be a good robot and a bad robot and there will be someone like john connor the good robot will protect the human and the bad robot will try to defeat the human so the human doesn't protect the future so if i were you i would stack up on guns food and when the robots take over its man vs machine 'I'll be back'

Who won the bronze star during World War 1?

Nobody. The award was not created until long after the war was over.

How long did the children stay in the countryside for whilste the world war 2?

4 or 5 years until the war was over

How many robots are in Japan?

Over A Thousands...

What is a cog in toontown?

A cog is like a robot that tries to take over ToonTown luckily toons form all over the world help stop these evil robots.

What is the name of this movie about robots that take over the world but one is defective and doesn't answer orders so he is good?

the movie is I, Robot with Will Smith

How are robots used in microsurgery?

Take over your mind!

How will future of computer affect people's lives?

Computer will basicly do everything for you just about. and one day they will become robots. and then they will take over the world