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Q: How long will it take a 13 watt solar panel to charge a 12 volt battery?
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Can you power a solar panel using a torch or an electrical lamp?

as long as the light is strong enough to heat the solar panel up

Can a solar panel generate the same amount of energy in winter time If not, what is the solution for that time of the year?

A solar panel will generate the same output regardless of the season,as long as there are at least 6 hours of sunshine.

Is a capacitor needed to charge a battery from solar cell?

You could charge batteries directly from the cells if they are wired together right. Cells in series and parallel to make power is tricky business. It would help if they were identical but they are not. Now PV power management systems get the most out of all cells all day long.

What affects the amount of solar energy a solar panel absorbs?

First is how much can get to the cells. Dirt can get in the way. Next is the ability of the panel to use the spectrum of light falling on it. Most panels now use just a small part of the red end of the spectrum. Newer panels will use the full spectrum of light including the Ultraviolet. The covering over the cells reflect light. New panels will have a coating that helps trap the light so it gets used. The amount of light effects how well the cells work. They have an optimum conversion rate. There are control systems made to make the cells work hard all day long despite the heat build up and varying light.The amount of solar energy a solar panel absorbs is directly determined by the intensity of the sunlight.

How long does solar energy take?

as long as it takes for yo mama to give birth

Related questions

How long to charge a 12V deep cycle battery with a 135 watt solar panel?

A few variables are involved like, does the solar panel have a charge controller, what condition the battery is before you start and how much sun is the solar panel receiving.

How long does it take to charge batteries with a solar panel?

No set answer to that. It depends on the capacity of the battery, the size and efficiency of the solar panel and the intensity of the sunlight.

How long does it take to charge 12V battery with 45watt solar panel?

That depends on the amp-hour capacity of the battery.

How long would it take a 200 watt solar panel to charge a 12V deep cycle battery?

A very long time. I would guess 48 hours of sunlight at the very least. Even that may not be enough to fully charge the battery. It really depends on how much amperage the solar panel is putting out.

How long does a solar panel laptop last?

I did not locate a solar panel laptop itself, but there are solar panel laptop charger for the laptop battery. these will last many years and substitute for buying a laptop battery every year.

Can you use a 0.4w 4.5v solar panel to charge a 4.8v battery?

Most likely not. In order to charge the battery to its nominal rated 4.8 volts, youreally need a source capable of more than 4.8 volts open-circuit.You need to take the solar panel and a voltmeter, and measure the output voltageof the solar panel with no load connected to it. If it's more than 4.8 volts, then itwill charge your battery.But . . .That's not saying anything about how long it will take. 0.4 watt is not an awful lotof power, and your solar panel will not even deliver that much before its outputvoltage sags to 4.8 . So I would think that this solar panel will not be an acceptablecharger for that battery.

How long would it take 400 watt solar panel to charge 12V deep cycle battery?

It depend on the capacity of the battery. This question has been expertly answered by others on wiki-answers with explanations of the physics of it.

How much time to charge a 12 volt battery with 35watt solar panel?

A very, very, long time. Only a guess but I would venture to say at least 15 hours.

If you have a 123 Watt 7 amp solar panel working on charging a 12 volt 225 amp hour gel battery how long will it take the solar panel to charge the gel batter?

You need to provide many more details. So assuming that the panel voltage is reasonable, the panel is clean, it is sunny and the panel is pointed at the sun. Then it will take about 225/7 hours to charge the battery. About 300 hrs. But in fact charging is only about 85% efficient (charge at 14 V get energy out at 12V or so). This ups the charge time to maybe 350 hrs or so. Charging can be improved by inserting a MPPT charger between the battery and the panel. This bit of electronics decouples the battery voltage and the panel voltage allowing the panel to be operated at its' most efficient voltage. That might knock off 15% of charge time bringing you back to 300 sunny hours.

What are self generators?

A solar panel on the roof, absorbs light from the sun to produce electricity, sufficient to power the home, and charge a battery in a generator. When rain clouds impede the sunlight or when nightfalls, the battery powered generator is automatically switched on, to power the home, and also power-up its own battery, so that if solar light for some reason does not happen to reach the home's solar panel for a very long time, the generator can keep going.

Can you leave a 5.5 watt solar panel attached to a boat battery while running the engine in other words alternator and solar panel charging the battery at the same time?

Yes, you can. The alternator on your boat is voltage regulated, so it will automatically taper off the charge current to maintain about 14.6 volts regardless of what the solar panel is doing. The panel is not regulated if you do not have a charge regulator installed between it and the battery, but at 5.5 watts, the most it will put out is about one half an amp. As a rule, you can take the current rating on a panel and divide it by 50, and as long as the amp hour capacity of the battery is not less than the resultant number, you do not need a charge controller, the panel will never put out enough current to overcharge the battery. If the sun is shining while the motor is running, the alternator will simply reduce its output enough to accomodate the panel, no other action is required. If you want to read more about this, look in the library for a book called, "The Complete Battery Book," by Richard Perez. Take care, Rudy

Can we use solar lights for apartments?

Absolutely! As long as you can access some direct sunlight to charge the solar light panel you can use solar lights at your apartment.