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All valid negative entries on a credit report remain for the required time limit. Medical bills that were referred to collections would remain on the report for 7 years even if they are paid. The impact of paying a debt upon one's credit score cannot be determined as scores are based upon the consumer's entire credit history.

2006-08-29 19:00:18
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I have a medical bill for 168.00 that was sent to a collection agency after I made a payment. They are going to keep in the collection agency until my bill is paid off. This can not be right.?

If the bill was late enough to be sent to a collection agency, the collection of that bill has been turned over to that collection agency as well.

Can a collection agency or collector seize a checking account for a medical bill?

== == no they can not do so for a medical bill.

Medical bill laws in Indiana?

is there a time limit on the collection of medical bills in INdiana

Can medical bill collection agencies garnish wages?

Only after receiving a judgement.

Can a late payment of an electric or cable bill lower your credit score?

Only if it goes to a collection agency.

What if you dont pay a doctors bill?

they will send it to crediotrs and then a collection agency will call you.. your creidt score will go down

How many points will your credit go up when you pay off an old bill?

THERE ARE ALOT FACTORS INVOLVED WHEN POINTS ARE ADDED UNTO YOUR CREDIT SCORE. IF YOU PAY OFF AN OLD BILL YOU CAN RECIEVE ANWHERE FROM 15-20 POINTS ADDED UNTO YOUR CREDIT SCORE. If by the term "old bill" you mean a collection account, then paying it off may not raise your score at all. Credit scoring software disregards the balance (or lack of) on a collection account. The fact that the account is in default PLUS the "date last reported" are what cause deductions to the score. So if this "old bill" had not been recently updated and you pay it, causing it to be updated NOW to reflect a zero balance; you may have just significantly harmed your score.

Can a paid medical collection account be removed from your credit report?

It stays 7 years from the date of the late payment that caused it to be reported to the collection agency, even if you pay it off. In accordance with HIPAA, your medical information may be reported for purposes of collecting on an UNPAID medical bill. Once the medical bill is paid, there is no longer a permissible purpose for divulging your medical information. Therefore, a paid medical bill should automatically be removed form your credit file in accordance with HIPAA.

Can a collection agency collect on an unpaid medical bill even after the hospital closed down?

Yes, the debt is a legal "thing" and can be sold on to other organizations for collection.

Can I get a medical collection removed from my credit report if I never got a bill because they did not put my apartment number on my bill and the bill has been paid after being sent to collection?

Yes you can have it removed from your credit report. I had a similar issue with a medical bill. It was never delivered to me by the hospital or collection agency. I called the agency and explained this. They said I could pay it off and they would have it deleted from my record. They also said they will contact the credit bureaus to clear it off their records too. This happened earlier this month. I went to Equifax and disputed the collection on there end afterwards to make sure it gets taken care of. I'm just waiting to get confirmation now.

If one collection agency fails to collect a medical bill and sell it to another agency how long will the bill stay on a credit report?

seven years

Can unpaid medical bills affect your credit in Pennsylvania?

Yes, a medical bill is like anyother bill and it will drag down your credit score like if you didn't pay a credit card or auto loan.

Can you legally be sent to collection if you have been paying on a bill every month on time?


Do you have to pay a medical bill for services performed last year?

Any unpaid medical bill will remain your responsibility until it is paid in full. If you don't have insurance to pay the bill for you, then you will need to pay the bill. You can be turned over to a collection agency if the bill is not paid. Either the provider or the collection agency will work out a payment plan with you. The easiest way is to call them and let them know how much $$ per month you can afford to send until the bill is paid off.

If you don't pay a medical bill does it go on your credit?

Yes, they will have you taken to a collection agency and that in itself is a bad mark on your credit.

A collection agency has been calling me over a home phone bill that is from 1995 under 200.00 what can they do?

get a lawyer? or pay the bill.

After an unpaid medical bill is removed from your credit report in 7 years does your credit score go back up?


Can an unpaid ambulance bill hurt your credit?

Yep! If the ambulance company turns your account over to a collection agency that agency might report the collection on your credit. Medical collections are the most common type of collection on a credit report.

If you were a minor and you have an unpaid medical bill can it legally be sent to a collection agency and then held against you when you turn 18?

No. If the bill was incurred when you were a minor, then the bill is your parent's responsibility. It would be illegal to put it on your credit report.

You have received a bill for medical care that was not provided What can you do?

Dispute it in writing with the company. If it shows as a collection on your credit, contact the three bureaus and dispute it with them.

Can you make a payment plan with a debt collection agency for a medical bill in NY?

It is up to the debt collector. Some will, some won't.

What happens if a medical bill has been turned over to a lawyer and you don't pay the bill?

go to court

What is the staute of limitations on paying a medical bill in SC?

Collection of Debt on Account6 yrs.Court Awarded Judgments10 yrs. §15-3-600

Does a medical bill less than 100 that is turned over to collections and hit as a delinquency lower your credit score significantly and if so once I pay it will my score go right back up?

It will not lower your credit score significantly, but the damage will not be repaired immediatly. If you pay back the bill and garner no more outstanding debts, then your score will rise back to it's original level.

Can a collection agency still collect on a medical bill from 1994 in New Jersey?

Nope: 6 years is the max, according to this: