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Q: How long will it take for our galaxy to collide with Andromeda galaxy?
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How long does it take light to travel from the Sun to the Andromeda Galaxy?

The light from our Sun will take about 2.5 million years to reach the Andromeda Galaxy.

What galaxy will the milky way collide with?

The Milky Way galaxy will collide with Andromeda, but it will take about a 2 billion years until they collide and finish. Earth will not get blown up, but by then, the sun will probably be out of hydrogen and expand. Then earth will be engulfed and all life will die.

How long to travel to Andromeda galaxy?

The Andromeda Galaxy is about 2.5 million light years away. How long it would take to get their depends on how fast you go, but at the speed of light it would take 2.5 millions years.

How long would it take you to travel to the Andromeda galaxy at an average speed of 20mph?

The Andromeda galaxy is around 2.5 million light years away, but is moving towards out galaxy at a speed of about 100 to 140 kilometres per second (62 to 87 miles/sec). Our galaxy will collide with it in around 4.5 billion years. A long time, but you wont get far travelling at 20mph in that time, on an astronomical scale anyway, barely outside our own solar system.

How long will it take to reach the Andromeda galaxy by space shuttle?

The Andromeda Galaxy is 12,904,531,200,000,000,000 miles away and the space shuttle orbits at 18,000 mph so to travel to the Andromeda Galaxy in the space shuttle would take 81.8 billion years which is around 18 times the currrent age of the universe!!!

If you travel to the Milky Way will it take you to the Andromeda Galaxy?

No - you are already IN the Milky Way Galaxy

What rocket will take you to Andromeda Galaxy?

None of them made today.

How long would it take to count all stars in Andromeda galaxy?

Since it is not possible to SEE the stars in Andromeda, it would take forever. Of course, if you can wait 3 billion years until Andromeda collides with the Milky Way, it will be a little easier.

How long would it take to get to Andromeda Galaxy at 600 mph?

I hope you have a very good book.It will take ............... 2,838,945,720,000 years - almost 3 trillion years.

How many years until the Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies collide?

There are 2 much smaller irregular galaxies that orbit our galaxy called the Magellanic Clouds. These are abbreviated LMC and SMC (large and small Magellianic Cloud). These will one day gradually collide with The Milky Way but it is a long time until that happens; no need to worry. There is also the Andromeda Galaxy which is on a collision course with us.

How long would it take to get to the Andromeda Galaxy traveling at 100000 miles per second?

100,000 miles per second = 360,000,000 miles per hour Andromeda Galaxy is 2.5 million light years away Which is 14,699,563,432,959,025,000 miles Which is 408,237,797,313.775 hours Which is 1,700,991,138.073 days Which is 4,660,249.6933 years Take lots of snacks!!!! And that's what the answer is.

How long does it take to travel from one galixy to another?

At the speed of light, it takes millions of years. For example, the Andromeda galaxy, which is the closest galaxy to our Milky Way galaxy, is about 2.5 million light years away, that is, traveling at light speed it would take 2.5 million years to get there.