How long will it take to walk 30 kilometres if i walk 3.8kilometres in half an hour how long to walk 30kms?

So, you want to know how long it will take to walk 30 km if you go 3.8 km in a half an hour.

First, 3.8km/30mins would have to be multiplied of a ratio of 2/2 to get your km per hour, which is 7.6km/1hour.

Then, the ration of your speed in a hour to the total time will be the same if you speed is constant. So, 7.6/1 = 30/x.

Therefore, you would divided 7.6 into 1 and get 7.6, then multiply x both sides and get 7.6x = 30, then you would divide both sides by 7.6 and get x to = to 3.95.

And x = the amount of hours it would take you to travel 30 km if your speed is constantly at 7.6km/hour.

So, 3.95 hours