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About two weeks, with most pregnancy tests.

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Q: How long will it take until you find out if you are pregnant?
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How long does it take to find out you are pregnant-?

To find out that you are pregnant,it takes 10-14 days.

How long does it take to find out if your pregnant?

It takes one month to find out if your dog is pregnant or not. Many vet wont check a dog until they are one month(ultra-sound). Hope this helps you

How long does it take until you can find out if it is a boy or girl when your pregnant?

Most women can tell. With their second ultrasound. At 20 to 23 weeks..

How long does it take to find out when a women is pregnant?

3 weeks

When a koala is pregnant how long does it take until the baby comes out?

Koalas are pregnant for around 33 - 35 days.

How long dose it take till you can find out your pregnant?

You can take a test 2 weeks after.

Can you take an ultrasound to find out you pregnant?

yes,some women have too wait before until the ultrasoud show that they are pregnant

How long can it take a 15 yea rold to get pregnant?

2 seconds to get pregnant but 9 months until the baby appears

How long does it take for you to know tour pregnant?

A person can now find out if they are pregnant before even a period is missed.

How long will it take you 2 get pregnant after still born?

You can get pregnant right away but wait until you have healed so you minimize the risk for miscarriage.

How long it will take to get pregnant after being on birth control?

Until you get pregnant. There's no way to tell. It's different from one woman to another.

How long does it take for you to find out your pregnant?

A few weeks to a month, every girl is different.

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