How long will wine keep after it is opened?

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2 weeks if the cork gets put back in
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How long can you keep dry marsala wine for once opened?

Answer . Since Marsala is a fortified wine it will not spoil, though its taste will decline over time. If you plan to drink marsala, it will taste best within the first few

How long does mulled wine keep?

I don't think you can keep it for much longer than you would an open bottle. I generally drink it within a day or so.

How long can you keep chardonnay wines?

Assuming you mean unopened bottles...chardonnay should generally be consumed within 1-3 years of the release date. There are however many chardonnays that can last longer, som

How long will pinotage wine keep?

That depends on how well made it is, and whether it was made with the intention of keeping or to be drunk soon.

How long will fortified wine keep?

I don't really know, but I just found two bottles of "Cold Bear" and "Black Bear" blackberry wind that I know were from the early 70's. That makes them nearly 40 years old. An

How long can you keep wine and beer?

There are some simple rules but they are not universal and depend on storage vessel and conditions.. Beer can keep for several months but a few weeks is more normal, and year

How long can bordeaux wines keep?

Any more than 30 year old Bordeaux I'd be very wary of, certainly no more than 40 year old is drinkable.

How long do red wines keep?

Red wine can be kept for many years if the bottles are placed in a cool dark place. However, very few wines improve with age. Those that do are generally unpleasant to drink u
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How long you keep the open bottle of white wine?

Until the taste is off. An open wine bottle will slowly turn to vinegar. This depends on a lot of factors how fast that process goes. neither wine nor vinegar is toxic, so you