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Veins carry the deoxygenated blood to the heart do that it can go through the oxygenation process in the lungs. There is less pressure on the veins as they are further away (peripheral) from the heart and on the side of the heart coming from the body and into the heart. The arteries, on the other hand, carry oxygenated blood away from the heart to the body so that the cells in the body can use the oxygen and other nutrients to live. Now, regarding your question: It depends on several factors. First, whether or not you have normal or abnormal clotting factors in your body. These are generally manufactured and supplied by the liver and there are not just a few. Here is the whole clotting story, according to Wikipedia: Secondly, whether or not you have an adequate supply of platelets in your blood. These are microscopic fibers that are attracted to areas of bleeding. They form a "clot" on the bleed and cause the bleeding to stop. If both of these coagulation systems are normal and, depending on how large the "vein" is that is bleeding, you should stop bleeding fairly quickly (inside of ten to twenty minutes) if you do nothing but let the wound bleed. If you are not suicidal though and have any common sense at all, you would simply apply pressure to the bleeding area and the bleeding would stop even quicker as long as you hold pressure there. If there is an artery involved, the bleeding could last much longer. The reason is that there is significantly more pressure on an arterial bleed than on a veinous bleed. This keeps the platelets from doing their job. It would be like trying to stop a garden hose with a fireman's nozzle on it. The pressure would not allow you to stop it quickly so you'd have to stop the flow at the source. Again, you'd want to hold significant pressure and get to the nearest ER so they could stop the bleeding for you. Luckily, the veins are closest to the surface so you're most likely to hit a vein rather than an artery but arteries are knicked fairly often.

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What if you pierce your ear and hit a vein will you die from bleeding?

Well... if you are piercing your cartilage, you won't hit a vein. On other places it is possible to hit a vein, and if it's major, you could bleed to death... But I'd imagine you'd get help before that happened. ^^^^^ You CAN hit a vein, but not ALL of your blood is in your ears. So I HIGHLY doubt if you perhaps did hit a vein, that you could bleed to death. None the less you may bleed a lot though. It truly depends on if your a bleeder, or not!

Can you die from hitting the vein in your leg?

Yes if you hit the Femoral artery you can bleed out in a matter of minutes.

Why can't you trim the secondary flight feathers of birds?

You'll hit the vein and they'll bleed to death.

How can i legally dock my dogs tail?

Take them to the vet and let them do it. You could hit the vein and cause them to bleed to death if you don't do it right.

Why do you get bloody noses?

It can be caused by a change of weather. Or, it could have gotten hit, Or, you could pick your nose and pick a vein(causing your nose to bleed).

What would happen if you cut a vein in your leg?

Well, it depends on which vein you cut and how much it is bleeding. If you hit the large vein called the Vena Cara, you would bleed a fair amount. But, the reason you probably would,t die from this is because veins have very low blood pressure. If you were to hit an artery, you could have a very big problem if you didn't seek medical help immediately.

Can your navel piercing bleed if it's hit?

Sure anything will bleed if it's hit hard enough.

My first lip piercing didn't bleed but when I did one next to it it bled Why?

I am going to assume you did them yourself and the piercing wasn't done by a professional body piercer, there fore a vein was hit while doing the piercing. That is why it is bleeding.

Are you supposed to bleed when you get your navel pierced?

Some people bleed, and some people don't. If you bleed, it doesn't necessarily mean anything is wrong. Your piercer could have hit a blood vessel, your blood could be thin -- there are many factors as to why you can bleed. If it continues to bleed for long periods of time, then you may have a problem.

What if you were hit in your jugular vein?

it would hurt

How long to asteroids live?

Until they hit something.

When you get into a fight how does the skin on your nose break and begin to bleed when hit?

I believe when hit hard the blood vessels get ruptured from under skin and bleed out

What is the medical term meaning a nose bleed after getting hit?

Traumatic epistaxis is the medical term for a nose bleed resulting from getting hit.

Will you die from bleeding if you hit a vein while piercing your nose?

There aren't any veins in your nose big enough so I don't think you will bleed to death and die. There will however be a little bit of bleeding (especially if you do it yourself)

Can you die if you hit a tongue vein?

Technically, yes, you could bleed to death. In reality, you'd have plenty of time to get to a hospital and be treated. Veins bleed very slowly as opposed to arterial bleeds that spurt because of the pressure. Tongue veins are really only a problem with venom or off-center tongue piercings.

I heard that you can lose feeling in your tongue if they hit a vein when getting it pierced. true or false?

No you can't lose feeling by having a vein hit during the piercing how ever, losing feeling should be the least of your worries if a vein has been pierced

What causes hematoma when drawing blood?

when you hit the blood vein

What causes bleeding sinus?

Getting hit in the face can cause a nose bleed, Dry air, a cold, a polyp or an infection. Some people are just prone to bleeding, the best action for that type of bleeding may be having the vein cauterized.

What was Slipknot's first hit single?

wait + bleed

Will you die from bleeding if you hit a vein while piercing your belly button?

Unlikely, although hitting a vein does increase the chance of an infection.

What happens if your tongue bleeds constantly after a piercing on your tongue?

All it means is that a vein has been hit. If you continue to bleed for a couple days then take it out, let it heal and try again. If it is bleeding profusely go to the ER they may need to cauterize the wound.

You have had your nose ring for six months to a year now and it was fine but now its starting to bleed again what is it?

It could possibly be getting infected or maybe you just hit it or something. Sometimes if I put a different nose ring in and wait a couple days, I will have something like a allergic reaction and it will bleed. But maybe if you changed it you could change it to something else and hopefully it will be better :D

How deep does a cut have to be to be dangerous?

It depends where but if you hit any artery or vein it is a problem.

How hard do you hit someones head for it to bleed?

2 newtons of force

Is it normal to bleed when you pee after sex for a couple days?

it is totally normal for you to bleed after peeing after sex, you obviouslly do it too much or he has just hit a certain spot and it makes you bleed, totally normal.

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