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How long would authorities search for a minor who is under the supervision of the court if the minor ran away from home?

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you going to jail when they find you... For a long long time...

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Can a store employee search a minor shoplifting suspect?

No, they can detain you, but have to wait for the authorities to perform a search

Can a 17-year-old be charged with a crime for leaving their parents' home without permission in Missouri?

No. The parents can file an absentee minor report with the local authorities and then request the court to issue and order to have the minor returned to their custody or the custody of the state. If a court order of any type relating to the minor, then the order itself enables authorities to take the underage person into custody and remand him or her to juvenile authorities.

How can a runaway put a restraining order on her mother?

That's not possible. But it is possible and legal for the parent of an absentee minor to hire private agents to track down the minor and return him or her to parental custody, Likewise a parent can request that the court issue and order to have the minor returned to their custody or to custody of their home state. Once a court order is in place authorities will be on the look out for the minor and will take them into custody and remand them to state juvenile authorities.

In Iowa can you be emancipated at the age of seventeen and then be able to get out of the Department of Human Services system?

A minor who is placed under the supervision of state social or juvenile services can only be released from such supervision by an order of the court. This applies even when the minor reaches the state's legal age of majority unless the custodial or supervisory court order indicates otherwise.

Do you need a passport to go to South Carolina?

Not if you already live in the United States. Of course if you are minor from another state traveling w/o adult supervision or permission and have an encounter with authorities there can be problems.

What are the consequences of running away from home if the minor is taken into custody by authorities?

It is a misconception that parents or guardians do not have legal recourse when a minor leaves without their permission. Any number of actions can be taken including but not limited to, the parents obtaining a court order to have the minor returned to their custody (in most cases a court order is not needed for a minor under 16); parents requesting to be relieved of parental obligations and the minor being placed under the supervision of the court; the minor being deemed "incorrigible" and placed in a juvenile facility for a specified length of time. Minors who cross state lines without being accompanied by an adult who has permission from the parents are in violation of federal and state laws. The minor will be taken into custody and returned to their home state, the adult will be arrested and charged with a criminal offense.

In Colorado if you will be 18 in three months can the authorities force you to return home?

They can, but it is unlikely that they would unless the parents or guardian of the minor has a court order remanding the minor into their custody. What action might take place in such a situation could depend upon the individual circumstances, such as where the minor is living and is he or she self-supporting, if the minor has had previous problems with authorities, if the minor is required to continue his or her schooling under the compulsory education laws, and so forth.

Can a minor give police officer the right to search their residence with a warrant?

There is no consent needed from anybody when there is a valid search warrant in play. The court gives the police the right to search by granting the search warrant.

Can a minor child be interrigated at school without a parent supervision?


Do minor employees need supervision?

minor employees need supervision because they need to know how the business is operated and all the task that has to be carried out in the business. when they become professionals or reach a higher stage in their workforce they will no longer need supervision! thanxx by alonda

What is involved in getting a minor enmancipated?

You can't. Minor children must remain with their parents until they are 18 years of age. If you left the state with someone over 18, they could be charged with a crime. The exception would be an Emancipated minor, declared by the court to be free of parental supervision, or a married person.

How can a minor to buy a real estate without income but the parent will pay the mortgage?

Your plan won't work. The legal owner of the property will be required to execute the mortgage. A minor can't enter into a contract. The bank won't even consider it. When a minor owns real estate, the court must appoint a guardian for any transactions involving the real estate or to manage the real estate on behalf of the minor under the supervision of the court. Any transaction would be reviewed by another court appointed guardian, a guardian ad litem, who would report back to the court whether the transaction is in the best interest of the child. Transactions that normally fall within this process involve the sale of land inherited by a minor. If the court allows the sale, the proceeds are placed in trust, or some other arrangement that protects the proceeds until the child comes of age.Ownership of land by a minor always falls under the supervision of a court unless there is absolutely no activity involving the land during the period of ownership.

Can your move out when you are 16 years old with your parents' consent?

Parents can give permission for a minor to temporarily (3 months or less) reside with another acceptable adult, a longer stay requires permission from the court to insure that authorities would not intervene. The parents would still be legally and financially responsible for the minor unless the court ruled otherwise. If there is "just cause" or the state of residency has the grounds and procedures for emancipation, the parent(s) and/or the 16-years-old can petition the court for an emancipation decree. All states have an established legal age that must be met; neither the minor, the parents or a legal guardian can circumvent the law and allow a minor to reside on their own w/o adult supervision or w/o being legally emancipated.

How can a minor be stopped from running away?

The parents or guardian simply pick up the phone and call the local police or state juvenile authorities. After which a decision is made whether to return and/or compel the minor to remain in the family home or take the minor into custody to await a decision by the judge of the juvenile court.

Can a foster parent give consent for a child to be married?

No. Foster parents do not have legal authority to give permission for a minor to marry, move from the residence, drop out of school, and so forth. Foster parents and foster children are under the direct supervision of the court, therefore such decisions can be made only by the court based on the best interest of the minor child.

Can a 17-year-old legally move in with a relative without a parent's permission?

no No, not legally. It is very unlikely that authorities would intervene without a court order or the minor was found to be living in an unsafe or unsuitable environment. However, the parents would have the option of petitioning the court for an order of requistion to have the minor returned to their custody.

Can a minor go into a casino if they are with their parents or under parental supervision?

Children can enter a casino but they cannot linger on the gaming floor, with or without parental supervision.

Will Michigan police actively search for a 17-year-old who leaves home without parental consent?

If you are reported missing, then yes. You will be entered into NCIC, a national crime database and a bolo (be on the lookout for) notice will be put out to area officers. If located, you will be brought home. * Only if the parents file a report. An absentee minor is designated as one whose whereabouts is known, in this type of case the parents would need to get a court order for a minor who is at least 17, unless that person is considered to be in an unsuitable enviroment. A missing person report is treated differently, the authorities are notified to watch for the minor but they will not conduct an active search unless foul play is indicated or a court order is issued. Leaving home is NOT a criminal offense it is considered a status violation of a minor. The minor would not be entered into the NCIC as he or she has not committed a crime.

In Texas can a minor drink beer with adult supervision?

yes but not enough beer to get him/her drunk

Is it illegal for a minor to buy alcohol while under the supervision of a police officer?

Yes it is

Is an emancipated teenager eligible for Section 8 housing assistance?

If the emancipation is obtained by the minor on their own rather than a mandated order of the court then the answer is no, they are not eligible. A minor who petitions and receives an emancipation decree must be capable of living on their own without adult involvement, which includes any public assistance. If an emancipated minor finds themselves in a position where they cannot subsist by their own means, the court will revoke the emancipation decree and the minor will be remanded to the custody of juvenile authorities.

You are 17 years old married and have two children are you legally emancipated in PA?

In virtually all states, marriage emacipates a minor from his/her parent's supervision and responsibility. In virtually all states, marriage emacipates a minor from his/her parent's supervision and responsibility.

Is it legal in Iowa for a 17-year-old to move out and move to another state?

No, the state of current residency is irrelevant. A minor who crosses state lines without parental consent (and in some cases adult supervision) is in violation of Federal Law U.S.C. 18 2243 and U.S.C. 18-2423. The minor can be taken into custody and returned to juvenile authorities in the minor's home state and be detained until a court hearing is convened on what further action (if any) should be taken.

What can the court give a 17 year old minor for a assault charge?

If the court does not wave the minor to adult court the judge con only give the minor four years. until that person is 21. STATED BY AUTHOR

What court do minor offences go to?

It depends on your country. In the UK: Minor criminal offences go to the magistrates court. Minor civil offences go to the county court. If you are not from the UK, re-ask the question giving your country.