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How long would it take an asteroid to travel from the sun to earth?


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An asteroid could never travel from the Sun to the Earth.

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If an asteroid were to hit Earth, it could do HUGE damage. It was the changes to Earth after an asteroid hit that killed off the dinosaurs. But if we knew about an asteroid heading our way long enough ahead of time, maybe we could change it's course enough to make it miss, and save millions of lives.

The year is 3.63 earth years on the asteroid Vesta. Ceres and Vesta are the two largest asteroid in the great asteroid belt that separates Mars from Venus.

a long long time my friend... basically your lifetime.

Well the earth cannot travel around the world being as they are the same thing. However, if you meant how long does it take the earth to travel around the sun then the answer would be about 365.25 days.

Ganymede, the moon of Jupiter, is in orbit around Jupiter so its transit around the Sun would be the same as Jupiter's, about 11.8 Earth years. 1036 Ganymede, the asteroid, has an orbital period of about 4.34 Earth years.

to travel from earth back to earth depends on if you jump

It would take 65 years 11 months to travel to Aldebaran from Earth traversing at the speed of light.

Yes, as long as an asteroid is within visible distance of earth.

5-6 years it would take 5-6 years to travel to Saturn from earth!

Sound can not travel through a vacuum, so sound generated on Earth would never reach the Moon.

i would say that a science textbook would have the answer. :)

If my calculations are currect 153.3 months

It took Apollo 11 three days to travel from Earth to the moon.

it will take 400 years i have been told

It takes approximately 23 years to travel from Earth to Ceres.

No an asteroid is not coming twords earth in 2012. They said it would come a long time ago and nothing happened. so no need to worry. Scientest are still triing to build a machine that will make the asteroid go in another direction but they don't know whats going to happen yet. (like anything is going to happen)

A little over 12 minutes to the nearest part of it.

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