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Compressor bands such as "Teeth Effects" are used to draw your teeth together. They provide "the pull" necessary to move the teeth quickly, and in the right direction. You stretch the teeth effect band when you put it around your teeth. Since the band is stretched out, it pulls the teeth towards one another because it wants to contract. It should close in several days.

*Always consult your dentist or orthodontist -- changing your bite can affect those teeth and the teeth around it.

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When should I stop using the teeth gap bands on my teeth?

Bands do not work that effectively . If you want to close the gaps between your teeth you will need to see an orthodontist .

What are teeth gap bands?

Teeth gap bands are bands for teeth for fixing teeth problem such as teeth gaps in front teeth.

Are there strips to fix a gap between my two front teeth?

They're called Teeth Gap Bands.You can get Teeth Gap Bands. It closed my gap in 3 weeks.

What are teeth effect bands?

Ther bands used to close your gap

What do you do when you have straight teeth but a front teeth gap?

You could get Veneers on your front two teeth which will close the gap. Or you could use orthodontic bands to redistribute the space. * This should be done through consultation with your dentist or orthodontist, because it can change your bite and the pressure on adjacent teeth.

Is there a way to close a gap between an adult's teeth without braces and how long does it take?

I was looking for some cheap and invisible way to close my teeth gap. I found out that Teeth effect bands are the quickest and cheapest way to close teeth gap and they are clear bands. I am 35 and I had big gap between my front teeth. I used teeth effect bands from for $19.99 and it closed my teeth gap in my front teeth in less than 1 month. You can either use: 1- Bonding (white fillings) which take only one appointement 2- Porcelain veneers which take two appointements. 3- Invisible orthodontistry (Invisalign) which takes at least a year for a full mouth straightening of your teeth. Yes, teeth effect bands from can be used to close your gap without going to the dentist. That "teeth effects" stuff sounds like a gimmick. I doubt if it will be able to close teeth gaps. I went to their website and it doesn't look like it can be trusted. They don't even have a phone number. Actually, the teeth gap is not a gimmick and it does work. I had a kind-of small gap and I used the bands. After three weeks, the gap was almost completely gone. I HIGHLY recommend this. I've used the teeth makeover bands, and they worked for me *shrugs* Worth a try. They're cheaper than teeth effect bands and their site is more professional. Invisalign takes about 4 months and it is Cheap around $20

You have overcrowding of front teeth your braces have moved your teeth but there is gaps in your front teeth will they close?

Your orthodontist should be able to close all gaps and get your teeth to align perfectly

How do they close gaps in teeth?

Dentists use braces, or alternate ways are as follows: To fix the front gap between your central incisor teeth, you can either use: 1 - Use Teeth Effect Bands 2 - Bonding (white fillings). 3 - Porcelain veneers. 4 - Invisalign. Braces take around 1-2 months to close the gaps.

Can dental rubber bands be used to close gaps in teeth?


Does ortho clear bands close teeth gap?

Yes you can close teeth gap with orthoclear bands. They are also clear and invisible. I bought 4 pack for $25.99 and closed my gap in 3 weeks.

Does dentabands close teeth gap?

Yes, Dentabands help you close your teeth gap. These are non elastic bands that pulls your teeth together over a period of time.

How do you fix a gap in your front teeth without going to the dentist?

You can use teeth effect bands to close your gap. Teeth Gap uses special Compressor bands called Teeth Effects to draw your teeth together. They provide "the pull" necessary to move the teeth quickly, and in the right direction. You stretch the teeth effect band when you put it around your teeth. Since the band is stretched out it pulls the teeth towards one another because it wants to contract.

Can you use rubberbands to close up gap in teeths?

yes, you could but it would cut open the circulation you have between your teeth and you will have to keep them on at least for a month or two but if i were you i wouldn't i would have right dental care or the right bands for your teeth from braces or clear-bands maybe even retainers anyway you should take my advice DO NOT PUT RUBBER-BANDS ON YOUR TEETH LOL.! :))

What is the skin between your front teeth called?

The skin between your top lip & front teeth is called the Frenum.

Does Zac Efron with braces?

For a time, he wore removable braces to help close the gap between his upper front teeth.

If you close the gaps in your teeth by using dental rubber bands can more gaps be made?


Will teeth effect bands cause new gaps in other teeth?

It depends on how far apart the gap is..but it can easily be fixed. My whole life i had a big gap in my teeth and i didnt like to smile or talk to people, So then at the beginning of my 10th grade year i decided that i wasnt going to go through this anymore. So i bought some rubber bands..not normal teeth bands, just like small rubber bands for your hair that cost like $2.50 at the beauty supply store and my gap closed with in a month but as that one closed another gap developed between the two teeth on both sides of the front two ones so i just moved the rubber bands and started putting them around all four of the front teeth and that gap closed with in like a week since my gums were looser cuz the front two teeth that moved. Now my teeth are straight and i always get compliments on my teeth and smile! And my Dentist was shocked that i fixed my teeth myself and with normal hair bands..He said i did a really good job! I Hope This Helped!

Can you use rubber bands instead of teeth effect bands to close a gap?

Yes you can, but the bands used for orthodontic work are both thinner and stonger to provide the necessary tension. *You should consult with your dentist or orthodontist before making any changes to your teeth spacing, as this can affect your bite and the adjacent teeth.

When I want to fix the gap between my 2 front teeth but they are crowned is it ok to use bands to bring them together?

Talk to your orthodontist or dentist before doing this yourself.

What are the pros and cons of using gap teeth bands to close the gap between teeth?

I can't come up with any pros. The con is if you move your teeth without the proper knowledge of how long it should take you can cause root resorption and the eventual loss of teeth due to lack of support.

How long does a quite small gap between 2 front teeth take to close with braces and a clear elastic band?

It takes a month

Because i had two teeth pulleld i have to were ruber bands on my braces to close the gap if i dont my teeth will fall out Please tell me this is not true and he just wants money?


How long will it take for my child's two front teeth to grow back?

For your child's two front teeth to grow back, it will likely take about a month. This depends on how close the teeth are to growing in, though.

What is the gum in between your front teeth called?

The descending structure between the front teeth is called the frenulum or frenum. Having a large or pronounced one is not unusual.

How can you close the gap in the front of your teeth with string?

dumbest stuff i ever heard of

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