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it would take about 16-17 hours

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It is 98 miles and would take a little over 2 hours to drive.

There is approximately 2,302 miles between Washington and South Carolina. It would take about 43 hours to drive by car.

A trip to South Carolina to Miami, FL would be 600-700 miles and be about 10-11 drive time hours. Hope this helps!

no not really i mean you could drive but it would take awhile:)

To get from Orlando Florida to Charleston South Carolina, it would take 6 hours and 16 minutes.

Charleston, South Carolina is 98 miles away from Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. It would about 2 hours to drive by car.

That would depend greatly on the desired route.

If you were to drive there it would be about 782 miles

How long you drive from Toronto to the United States depends on where you are traveling to in the U.S. You would drive about 7 hours from Toronto to New York City.

It would take about 10 to 12 hours to drive and about 4 hours to fly. I am from South Carolina that is how I know.

it would be SOUTH of North Carolina. :)

There is approximately 669 miles between Toronto, Canada and Carolina Beach, North Carolina. A flight would take about 2 hours to complete.

You would travel east and south to get to North Carolina from South Dakota.

The South Carolina Exposition was a protest by the state of South Carolina against the Tariff of 1828. The document stated that without repealing the tariff South Carolina would secede.

It would take 8 hours and 16 minutes to get from Columbia, South Carolina to Mobile, Alabama. But this would be without any stops. The distance you would need to travel would be 537.93 miles.I hope could help!!!

There is approximately 30 miles between Lugoff, South Carolina and Columbia, South Carolina. Driving would take about 36 minutes when driving by car.

It would take approximately 2 hours to drive from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to Bishopville, South Carolina. There is about 97 miles between the two cities.

a euro coin would cost around 6.20 in south carolina

Departing South Dakota you would travel southeast to reach North Carolina.

I would have to say that North Carolina is South East from South Dakota and the Black Hills.

I live in Toronto and I would budget 3 days to get to you.

The traditional response would be: a South Carolinian Sand Lapper is what you call someone who is born in South Carolina..

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