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How long would it take to sail from Houston Texas to Cancun Mexico in a 35-foot yacht?

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A sail craft's hull speed, its maximum theoretical speed, can be calculated by multiplying the square root of the length of waterline (LWL) by 1.34. If your boat is 35 feet long from stem to stern, the LWL will be less than that. So, if we assume the LWL to be 30 feet, the boat's hull speed is, therefore, 7.34 knots. The distance from Houston to Cancun is about 688 nautical miles, as the crow flies, so if you manage to sail the entire distance at hull speed, it will take you 94 hours to make the trip. But it's not realistic to assume that. You may encounter light winds that prevent you from sailing as fast as you might. Tacking and course corrections add miles. If you manage five knots, you might make it in 140 hours. And it might be safer -- and far more interesting -- to hug the Gulf coast and port hop all the way down, which will add considerable distance to the trip.

2006-08-22 18:26:05
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How many miles from Houston Texas to Cancun Mexico?

The distance between Houston, TX and Cancun, Mexico is approximately 797 miles (1283 km).

What is the distance between Houston Texas and Cancun Mexico?

797 miles (1283 km) (693 nautical miles) is the distance between Houston TX and Cancun Mexico

How long does it take to fly from Houston Texas to Cancun Mexico?

From Houston to Cancun, it is about 1309 kilometres (818 miles), and it would take approximately 1 hour and 26 minutes to fly there on a commercial flight.

How long is a flight from san antonio Texas to Cancun Mexico?

How long is the flight from san Antonio Texas to Cancun Mexico

How many miles is it from Fort Worth Texas to Cancun Mexico?

The driving distance from Fort Worth, Texas to Cancun, Mexico is about 2,127 miles.

How many miles from Galveston Texas to Cancun Mexico?

From Galveston to Cancun it is 753 miles (1,212km)

What is the distance from Farmington New Mexico to Houston Texas?

It's 1023 miles from Farmington New Mexico to Houston Texas

Can you drive to Cancun Mexico from Texas?

Yes you can, but it would be faster to fly.

Mileage between south padre island Texas and Cancun Mexico?

How many mileage from south padre island tx to Cancun Mexico on water...

What is the time changes from Texas to Cancun Mexico?

1,705.56 kilometres (1,059.79 miles)

How many miles is it by boat from Galveston Texas to Cancun Mexico?

1900 miles

When was Sam Houston president of Texas?

Sam Houston was the first president of Texas after it won independence for Mexico.

What part of Texas is the Houston rockets from?

Houston is in the lower portion of Texas, almost off of the Gulf of Mexico.

How long does it take to fly from Dallas Texas to Cancun Mexico?

Flight:Dallas/Fort Worth, TX (DFW) to Cancun (CUN)Flight Duration 2 hours 30 minsDistance:The distance between Dallas, Texas and Cancun, Mexico is 1007 miles (1620 km).

What are three oceans that border houston?

Houston is the largest city in Texas and the fourth largest city in the Unites States. Texas is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico. Houston is located in southeast Texas near the Gulf of Mexico. Texas is not bordered by any ocean.

How many miles is it between el paso Texas and Cancun Mexico?

El Paso is a Texas city located in the United States while Cancun is located in the country of Mexico. The distance between these two locations is 2142.3 miles.

What inpact did sam Houston have on Houston?

with out Sam Houston Texas wouled still be appart of Mexico

How far is Texas from Cancun Mexico?

Minimum distance is 1,206.05 kilometers (749.41 miles)

What is the closest Mexico City to Houston Texas?


What is Houston Texas natural resources?

Gulf of Mexico

Which Texas city is closer to the Gulf of Mexico - El Paso or Houston?

Houston is much closer to the Gulf of Mexico.

How far is Matamoros Mexico from Cancun Mexico?

Matamoros is on the Mexican side of the border with Brownsville, Texas. Cancun is 1,207 kilometers (751 miles) southwest of Matamoros. You could drive along the "carretera costera" along the Gulf of Mexico, but it is much safer to just take a flight to Cancun.

Is there a port close to Houston Texas?

Yes, the Port of Houston which opens to the Gulf of Mexico.

What is the murder rate of US citizens in Cancun?

Mexico does not record murders per nationality. It however, has statistics on murder rate (homicides per 100,000 inhabitants): 12.6 for 2017. This number puts Cancun in par to cities such as Orlando, Florida (11.2) and Houston, Texas (13.3).

What are three examples of the relative location of Houston Texas?

Houston is in southeastern Texas. Houston is west of the Mississippi River and north of the Gulf of Mexico. Houston is north of Galveston Island.