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It all depends on how serious the gunshot wound is. Anywhere from a couple of hours to several months.

2006-07-26 10:20:51
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How long would you stay in the hospital after being shot in the chest?

less than a week.

For what reason may someone want to visit the Canyon Ridge Hospital?

The Canyon Ridge Hospital is a psychiatric hospital so a person would go there for psychiatric help such as to cure depression or to manage a long term mental condition.

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That could be a leading question, because it assumes that the person being questioned has worked at West End Hospital, which may not be the case. However, if this question followed a previous question in which someone was asked what kind of job he or she had, and if the reply was "I work at West End Hospital" then you could reasonably ask the next question, how long have you worked at West End Hospital, without trying to force a particular kind of answer. This is not the same as arresting someone and then asking "How long have you been a terrorist?" when the person has not admitted to being a terrorist.

What is the machine that makes the long beep when someone dies in a hospital?

A heart monitor

How much does hospitalization cost in Toronto?

It depends on what condition is being treated, and how long the hospital stay.

How long in hospital after removal of kidney stone?

It depends on how long it takes your body to heal the right way because, would you want them letting you out of the hospital if you didnt heal correctly?

How long would you be alive if your pendants exploded and didn't went to the hospital?

my pendents exploded and i stayed home for 2 days then i went to the hospital and i wanted to know how long can i be alive

How long for a babys rib to heal after being broken?

If your baby's rib is broken PLEASE take the baby immediately to the hospital! The hospital can answer your question for your baby's specific case.

How long does a baby have to stay in the hospital being born at 30 weeks?

In general, a baby stays in hospital up until around when their due date would be, so roughly 10 weeks, however it may be nearer 7 or 8 or 9 weeks

What is the statute of limitation when suing a hospital?

Suing a hospital is a civil suit. There are limits on how long you have to make the claim. It can be tolled based on discovery of the injury, or the injured party being a minor.

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How long is the average hospital bed?

The average hospital bed is about 6 to 7 feet long

When was Long Island College Hospital created?

Long Island College Hospital was created in 1858.

When was Wesley Long Community Hospital created?

Wesley Long Community Hospital was created in 1917.

When was Community Hospital of Long Beach created?

Community Hospital of Long Beach was created in 1924.

How long would somebody be in the hospital if they were stabbed in the thigh?

I'm writing a story and the main character stabbed herself in the thigh. I need to know how long she'd be in the hospital. The wound is roughly three inches long and a couple inches deep.

How long should someone be in the hospital if they were in a car wreck and had a concussion and broke their leg?

IDK i wasn't in a car wreck. But if you ask me I would say 2 months at the lowest amount of time. Feel free to correct me if you have the answer

How long will a hospital keep autopsy reports?

Call the hospital.

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For the same reason that, after knocking on someone's door for a long time, you would assume that no one is home!

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They would feel weak and tired.

How long do you need to go to school to become a psychiatrist?

Typically you would need 5-6 years to earn your medical degree. This would be followed by 2 "foundation" years of being an intern at a hospital, and then upto 6 years of specialty training.

What is a long speech praising the virtues of someone?

That would be an accolade.

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yes, techniclly. As long as the rent is being paid. It would almost be like co-signing for someone. Same thing.

How long would a person have to stay in a hospital after breaking a hip?

It depends on the age that they are, and also the severity of the hip that was broken.