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The Harley Davidson factory isn't sure how many were produced, I have heard anywhere from about 350 to just over 1200 with the common answer being 467 some in black and gold the most common is white and gold and yes I own one(since new)

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โˆ™ 2009-11-15 20:57:27
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Q: How many 1984 harley Davidson flhx were produced?
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Where can one find reviews on a Harley-Davidson FLHX?

One can find reviews on a Harley Davidson FLHX at CycleTrader, BikeSales, MotorcycleUSA, JCWhitney, TopSpeed, SalvageBikesAuction and of course, where else but Harley Davidson itself.

What was the first model year for Harley-Davidson's FLHX?


Does a 2006 flhx Harley Davidson have a floater in the gas tank?


What year did Harley Davidson introduce the Street Glide FLHX?


Fork oil capacity for 2007 harley Davidson flhx?

10.8 each side in my 06

What Size of wheel bearing front for street glide flhx 2008 harley Davidson?

25 mm

What is a flhx harley?

Street Glide

What size is the rear pulley on a 2009 harley Davidson flhx?

1" belt with 140 teeth and a 68 tooth rear pulley with cush drive.

What is correct air pressure for harley Davidson FLHX Street Glide?

Harley-Davidson motorcycle company recommends a tire air pressure of 18 pounds for the street glide model. Substitute tires may require a different air pressure.

When was the Harley Street Glide made?

The Harley Street GLide, FLHX/I was first introduced in 2006. In 2005 the Harley Road Glide Standard, FLHT/FLHTI was similar to the Street Glide.Hope this helps!Dave

How many 1984 harley davison flhx limited edition electra glides were made?

Harley Davidson made 1,258 on these bikes. 600 some-odd white, 600 some-odd black. Early ones were dry clutch, rest were wet clutch. Last year shovelhead, first year belt drive for the FLH. Came fully dressed out with fiberglass saddle bags, bat-wing fairing, tour pak, engine and bag guards.

How do you Check harley flhx tire pressure?

Just like any other tire, put the guage on the valve step and look at the pressiure reading

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