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Call 1800 PMCARES, they can help.

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Q: How many 1987 trans am gta dark brown metalic 305 5sp were produced?
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What colors did the 1987 Trans Am come in?

NAPA auto parts have books on colors for 1987 trans ams.

Digital dash in 1987 Trans Am?

... what about it..?

Will 1989 trans-am t-tops fit on a 1987 trans-am?

If it has the same roof it should.

How many 1987 Trans Am GTAwere made?

11,102 1987 GTA's were built.

How much horsepower does a 455 in a1987 Pontiac trans am put out?

The 1987 Trans Am didn't have a 455

Did Pontiac make a Trans Am Grand Theft Auto in 1985?

The Trans Am GTA was not intruduced until 1987.

Can you put the same air unit from a 2002 Trans Am in a 1987 Trans Am?

Nope, to many different parts...

Were is the fuel pump in a 1987 Trans Am?

In the gas tank.

What kind of transmission does a 1987 305 tpi Trans am have?


What size gas tank does a 1987 trans am have?

15.5 Gallons

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gas tank

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Into the transmission fluid reservior

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