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Q: How many 20 dollar bills can a small eastern Canadian black spruce tree produce?
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Do young Blue Spruce trees produce spruce cones?

Blue Spruce trees will eventually produce cones but they will be spruce cones.

Is Canadian spruce a softwood?


What do Eastern Spruce Budworms look like?


What adaptations do eastern spruce budworms have?

The eastern spruce budworms have adaptations that allow them to blend well with the foliage that they eat. They also have specific controls that allow them to keep at a population that does not overrun their food sources.

A spruce tree is a angiosperm or a gymnosperm?

Spruces do not produce flowers, but they do produce seed. They are gymnosperms.

What trees produce cones to carry seeds?


Is a blue spruce a gymnosperm?

Yes, they produce pinecones which is a characteristic of gymnosperms

What s the life cycle of a white spruce tree?

First, squirrels produce

What is famous about Quebec?

Maple syrup, poutine (a Canadian dish from Quebec, made with french fries, topped with brown gravy and curd cheese), and spruce beer (beer flavored with the buds, needles, or essence of spruce trees)

How do you start a Canadian hemlock from its cuttings?

Tsuga canadensis is actually called commonly the Eastern or Spruce hemlock it and all it's kin can be started from cuttings. They are best grown from seed but can be grafted or rooted by short stem cuttings inserted in sandy soil in a cold frame in July or August. Shade from strong sun.

Where is big foot found at?

Most of the Bigfoot sightings are being reported near the western American-Canadian border, in spruce forests.

Is there competition or cooperation between mistletoe and spruce trees?

there is a highly active cooreratin between the mistletoe and spruce tree. they work together to produce carbon dioxide. many trees do not corroperate but thats ok cuz they are best buds

Plants in taiga?

some plants found in the taiga are: balsam fir,black spruce,Douglas fur,eastern red ceder,jack pine,paper birch,Siberian spruce,white fur,white popular,white fur,lichen and mosses.

What are the names of the species of real Christmas trees?

Douglas fir, Balsam fir, Colorado Blue Spruce, Eastern Red Cedar, White Spruce, White Pine, Concolor fir, Noble fir, Virginia Pine (and that's just to name a few!).

What has the author E G Kettela written?

E. G. Kettela has written: 'A cartographic history of spruce budworm defoliation from 1967 to 1981 in eastern North America' -- subject(s): Defoliation, Geographical distribution, History, Maps, Spruce budworm

What rhymes with reproduce?

1 syllable: boose, bruce, cheuse, coos, cruce, deuce, deuss, doose, druce, duce, foose, fuoss, goose, hoose, juice, loose, luce, moose, mousse, noose, nous, preuss, pruess, reuss, ruess, seuss, sluice, spruce, truce, tyus, use, yous, zeus 2 syllables: abstruse, abuse, asmus, black spruce, blue goose, brant goose, break loose, brent goose, caboose, chartreuse, damoose, deduce, derousse, diffuse, disuse, ekeus, excuse, fish mousse, fruit juice, grape juice, hair mousse, il duce, induce, in use, labouisse, lajous, let loose, lime juice, misuse, obtuse, produce, profuse, recluse, red spruce, reduce, reuse, seduce, slip noose, snow goose, vanhoose, white spruce 3 syllables: apple juice, brewer's spruce, cancer juice, carrot juice, chicken mousse, child abuse, chinese goose, chocolate mousse, disabuse, douglas spruce, drug abuse, eastern spruce, flag of truce, gastric juice, genus zeus, grapefruit juice, greylag goose, introduce, lemon juice, mother goose, norway spruce, on the loose, orange juice, out of use, running noose, silver spruce, solan goose, weeping spruce, yellow spruce 4 syllables: barnacle goose, canada goose, carnal abuse, common brant goose, context of use, cranberry juice, digestive juice, drug of abuse, engelmann spruce, overproduce, papaya juice, pineapple juice, reintroduce, robert the bruce, substance abuse, tobacco juice, tomato juice 5 syllables: alcohol abuse, canadian goose, colorado spruce, frozen orange juice, oriental spruce, pancreatic juice, siberian spruce 6 syllables: alcoholic abuse, colorado blue spruce 7 syllables: alcoholism abuse

What plants and animals survive in the taiga?

The type of plants that survive in the Taiga are:Balsam Fir,Black Spruce,Douglas-Fir,Eastern Red Cedar,Jack Pine,Paper Birch,Siberian Spruce,White Fir,White Poplar,& White Spruce. The type of animals that survive in the Taiga are:American Black Bear,Bald Eagle,Bobcat,Canadian Lynx,Gray Wolf,Grizzly Bear,Long-Eared Owl,Red Fox,River Otter,Snowshoe Rabbit,& Wolverine. For More Information On Taiga,Plants,Animals,& More,Go To: ...****THANKKKSSS!!!!*****...welcom

What is real name of Christmas trees?

Spruce. Norway spruce, white spruce.

Where does the Rockefeller center Christmas tree come from?

The tree, generally a Norway Spruce, is sourced from tree farms in New England and eastern Canada. The 2010 tree comes from Mahopac, NY.

What are 4 coniferous trees?

Coniferous trees are trees that produce seeds in cones, such as ponderosa pine, Engelmann spruce, western larch, or grand fir.

Is spruce good wood to burn in a fireplace?

Spruce will make great kindling- to light the fire. However, it will burn very quickly, produce few coals for long lasting heat, and produces a lot of creosote that will need to be cleaned from your chimney. It would be a good idea to keep a little dry spruce for kindling, but find a good hardwood such as oak, ash, or hickory for your main fuel wood

What is the scientific name for eastern white pine?

The scientific name of Eastern white pine is Pinus strobus. It is in the genus Pinus, which is in the pine family Pinaceae along with larches, spruce, tamarack, and fir trees.

Canadian shield vegetation?

some of the veges growing in the Canadian shield are: jack pine, marsh red grass, swamp laurel, black spruce, bearberry.i did a report on it and i discovered that the weather is an average -19 in the winter and warm summers ..................

What biome has a spruce-moose belt?

There really is no such thing as a "spruce-moose belt," however the biome where moose live and spruce trees, such as the big tall Black Spruce and White spruce prevail are in the Boreal forest biome.

Where is the Spruce Pine Public Library in Spruce Pine located?

The address of the Spruce Pine Public Library is: 142 Walnut Ave, Spruce Pine, 28777 2798