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A US Gallon is 128 ounces. That would be about six and a half 20oz bottles.

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A US Gallon is 128 ounces. That would be about six and a half 20oz bottles.

A gallon is 8 pints. Bear in mind that a US pint is 16oz, where a British pint is 20oz.

800 bottles, each containing 20 oz (Imperial) will make 100 Imperial gallons.

I would recommend three 20oz bottles. A standard 20oz bottle of Heinz ketchup has roughly 33 servings.

The standard recommendation has always been 8 glasses of water a day. A normal glass is probably 14-18oz. So, if the bottles are 20oz, then 5-7 bottles would fulfill the recommendation.

The new Eco-Friendly Poland Spring regular-sized water bottles hold 20oz. of water.

1 cup = 8 fl oz 20oz = 2.5 cups so basically... 2/5 of a 20 oz water bottle equals 1 cup

16oz = 1lb therefore 20oz = 1lb 4oz

1 cup is 8oz, so 20oz is 2.5 cups.

any general store should have them. most likely walmart or 7-elevin

20oz=566.9905g 1oz=28.34952g

A pint of water weighs a pound and a quarter. 1lb 4oz

20oz is approximately 0.566990 kilograms

1oz equal 25g therefore 500g equals 20oz

48 cubic inches is greater. It is equal to about 26.6 (26.5974026) US fluid ounces.

This would depend on the density of the fluid involved. Ounces are a measure of Weight wheras Gallons are a measure of Volume. For pure water 4 oz are one fifth of a pint (20oz) therfore as there are 8 pints in an imperial gallon (not US gallon) therefore 4 oz is 1/40 th. or 2.5% of a gallon. For other fluids this would be reduced or increased by dividing by the relative density.

69g of sugar are in every 20oz bottle of diet coke

The UPC code for 20oz Barq's Root Beer is 049000023923.

I'm a Pepsi Sales rep. Wal-Mart should have it in a 24oz 6pk of plastic bottles. Or it is also sold individually at most large gas stations, ie - Kwik Trip, Holiday...etc. That's it for bottles - 20oz. and 24oz. 6pack is all you can get.

4oz of premix oil for each gallon of gas so for 5 gallons of gasoline you need 20oz of premix oil

A Tippmann 98 custom 20oz co2 tank shoots 1100 paintballs

Unit conversion can be confusing, especially if you are not fully aware of what is being converted. A full 20 ounce bottle of water weighs about 1.303968 pounds.