How many 25M lengths of a swimming pool equals one mile?

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25 meters = 0.01553428 mile, or 1 mile = 1609.344 meters. So 64.37 lengths of a 25 meter pool is a mile. It should be noted that in the US 25 yard pools are much more prevalent than 25m pools; the opposite is true at the 50m length. At 1760 yds/mile there are 70.4 25yd lengths in a mile.
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How many lengths must you swim in an Olympic pool to swim 1 mile?

An Olympic-sized pool is 50 meters long by 25 meters wide and runs to a depth of 2.0 meters. A mile is 5,280 feet, or 1,760 yards, which is the same as 1,609.344 meters. 1600 meters would require 32 lengths of the pool. To get to a full mile, an additional 9.344 meters would be required. Answer ( Full Answer )

How many lengths must you swim in a 25 yard pool to swim one mile?

in a swim meet a mile is considered 1650yds and that is 66 lengths.. Actually 1650 meters ~ 1 mile, not 1650 yards.. There are 5280 feet in a mile, and 3 feet in a yard. 5280/3 = 1760 yards per mile.. 25 yards per length, then 1760/25 = 70.4 lengths per mile.. So in a 25 meter pool 66 legths = 1 ( Full Answer )

How much water will it take to fill a 25m swimming pool?

With X length X Av depth will give you cubic feet or meters or cubits or whatever measurement you used,Just to start you of here re some volumes. . 1 cubic meters = 1 000 liters . cubic foot = 7.48051948 US gallons

How many swimming lengths are there in a mile?

A swimmer's mile is VERY different from your conventional mile. A swimmer's mile is 1650 yards OR 1500 meters. It would be 66 lengths! NOT 72. I'm a swim coach and swim on a United States Masters Swim Team.

How many laps in a 25 yd pool equals one mile?

5280 feet in a mile divided by 3 for yards = 1760 yards in a mile 1760 yards in a mile divided by 25 yard pool length = 70.40 laps. The above is not correct. . While the math is correct, that is not the accepted swimming conversion.. A lap is 50 yards; therefore, in a 25 yd pool, a lap is down ( Full Answer )

How many lengths in a 25m swimming pool is 10 miles?

It is about 644 lengths . Up and back 322 times. somewhere on the last lap you cross the 10 mile mark.. I worked this out by first working out what 10 miles is in meters and then dividing 25 meters into that. there are about 1.609344 kilometers to each mile. 10 miles is 16093.44 meters.

How many 25m lengths of a swimming pool equals 1500 meters?

\n. \n///well, first you figure out how many laps in a 50metre pool then times 2.\n. \nThe answer is 60 laps of the 25 metre pool.///\n. \n. \n. \nYour actually wrong. 1 lap = 2 lengths.\n. \nIts 60 lengths or 30 laps\n. \nTom :)

How many laps is one length in a swimming pool?

Internationally, it is usually 50 meters, but in the US they have both 50 meter and 25 yard pools. In most places in the US, it is a 25 yard pool because the US measuring system uses yards. In competitive swimming, during the school year the 25 yard pool is used, but in the summer the 50 meter pool ( Full Answer )

Is swimming 148 lengths in a 25m pool in one hour good for a 13 year old?

If your question is whether it is good for the swimmers health, then no. That is the roughly swimming 2 miles in an hour, and swimming 61 yards each minute. I extremely advise you not to do this without guidance from a coach, and experience. This is something that an olympic distance swimmer would d ( Full Answer )

How many lengths is a mile in a swimming pool?

depends upon the pool length! In an outdoor 50 meter pool, the swimming "mile" is the 1500 which is 30 lengths; in a 25 yard pool, typical of most indoor courses in the US, the 1650 is called the "mile" and it is 66 lengths. Neither is a true mile of 5,280 feet however.

How long does it take to swim 10 lengths of a 25m swimming pool?

Well, it would take me about 12 minutes to swim 250 meters. But, my swimmer sons could do it in less than 4 minutes. 250 meters is not a competition distance, but at world record pace for the 200 freestyle (1:42), it would take just a bit longer than 2 minutes.

How many 25yard lengths in a pool equals one mile?

1 mile is 1760 yards and 25 yards will go in it 1760/25 = 70 times and leave a remainder of 10 yards, hence it would be 70 and 10/25 or 70 and 2/5 twenty five lengths which is 70.4 in decimal

How many lengths swim in 1.2 mile?

39 lengths of a 50m pool 20 lengths of a 25m pool 43 lengths of a 50yard pool 22 lengths of a 25yard pool