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How many 37 cent stamps need to be put on a letter being sent to Italy?


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Nice question. The USPS is sneaky. A letter to Europe cost 80 cents, not 74, so you need 3 stamps - or a visit to the Post Office. How much is 40 minutes of your time worth?


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Two 37 cent stamps (assuming that the letter doesn't weigh more than an ounce). But as you only need to put one 41-cent stamp on the letter, you could go buy some 2-cent stamps and save yourself some money.

Yes, but that would be foolish. Buy some one-cent stamps to make up the 42 cent postage and save those 41 cent stamps.

The USPS no longer prints 20-cent stamps. They do print 10-cent and 5-cent stamps.

Both are in the U.S. You need first class U.S. postage.How many stamps is that? One 42-cent stamp. Forty-two one-cent stamps. Four ten-cent stamps and one two-cent stamp. One 25-cent stamp and one 17-cent stamp.

In the US you can buy two 10- cent stamps, four 5-cent stamps. five 4-cent stamps, ten 2-cent stamps or twenty 1-cent stamps for 20 cents at most post office windows.

42 cents. But if you don't want to buy a 42 cent stamp then go ahead and put 42 1 cent stamps on there.

will a .46 cent stamp mail a 1.1oz letter?

Postage for a letter from the U.S to Guyana, South America now costs 98 cents. You can buy a 98 cent stamp or get the 44 cent stamps and purchase 10 cent or 5 cent stamps to make up the difference. Keep in mind that it would be cheaper to just buy one 98 cent stamp.

You need 3 stamps, two 44 cent ones, and a 10 cent one to make up the 98 cent requirement.

The question is usually put as follows: If there are 12 "1 cent" stamps in a dozen, how many "2 cent" stamps are there?" The answer is still 12 "2 cent" stamps in a dozen.

Postage is 98 cents for a standard letter from the US. You can buy a 98-cent stamps or use any combination that totals 98 cent or more. For example two forever stamps plus a 10-cent stamp. If all you have is forever stamps, you would have to use three of them.

The Post Office sells 10 cent stamps.

That will depend on the value of the stamps you have. If you have one cent stamps you will need 190 of them. If you have ten cent stamps you only need 19.

The cost is 98 cents. You could use two 44 cent stamps plus a 10 cent stamp. You can buy a 10 cents or a 98 cent stamp at the post office. If all you have is 44 cent stamps, you would have to use three.

You can purchase 1 cent or 2 cent stamps.

Three 44- cent or forever stamps will work, but the postage is only 98 cents- you would wasting 34 cents. You can buy 98-cents stamps or 10-cent stamps at the PO.

One 44 cent stamps pays for a letter weighing up to one ounce.

If Charlie uses $1.29 in postage to send a package to his sister and only uses 16 cent stamps and 7 cent stamps, he will use 5 16 cent stamps and 7 7 cent stamps.

The total number of stamps doesn't matter as long as they make a total of 61 cents of postage. You can use one 61 stamp, or a 44 cent with a 17 cent stamp. Or you can use 61 one cent stamps.

"A " stamps are the same as 15-cent stamps.

20,000 1 cent stamps with $200.

Yes. I believe you mean 20 cent ($0.20)stamps that were issued between1981 to 1984.If you mean fraction stamps the answer is yes. The U.S. issued fraction stamps called "Proprietary" stamps in 1898 in denominations of:1/8 cent1/4 cent3/8 cent5/8 centThey are found in the Scott Specialized Catalog of U.S. Stamps, pages 641 -642.

Three 44- cent or forever stamps will work, but the postage is only 98 cents- you would wasting 34 cents. You can buy 98-cents stamps or 10-cent stamps at the PO. (44 + 44 + 10 = 98)

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