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Acetaminophen Vi codanRegarding the ? of equigesic aspects your question poses qualities which raise "Red Flags" to me.As Vicodin is indicated for : mod-sev pain of non-neurological etiology and Acetaminophen is a med used for mild-mod pain not caused by an inflammatory condition and also as an antipyretic med(lowers fever); The two drugs act quite differently. The answer to your ? is: 3-8 grams.This equals 6-16 tabs. The difficulty your ? poses in an ethical sense is that the L.D 50(the lethal dose of Tylenol which would prove fatal to 50% of users)is 9.5 Grams. The reason I'd advise against using large doses of Tylenol is ,Too much will cause liver necrosis.The risks far outweigh the benefits in this case. The tone of your ? indicates to me that you're wishing to control mod-sev pain with massive amounts of Extra-Strength Tylenol as you may not be able to access or use Vicodin.Needing as much as 8 gs' is dangerously close to the lethal o.d. value of 9.5gs'. I am a Paramedic,not a physician,but I must tell you that the amount of Tylenol you would have to take would exceed current safety guidelines and my advice is to save your Liver.Acute Acetaminophen o.d.s' are fatal due to hepatic(liver) failure due to acetaminophens' being converted by the cytochrome P450 System to a toxic metabolite that is subsequently conjugated with glutathione and excreted by the kidneys.However,when glutathione is depleted following a high dose of acetaminophen,the toxic metabolite accumulates and is thought to be the cause of acetaminophen=induced liver necrosis. Hope this helps, Dave Hobbins-E.M.T.-A-P

Um....Dave,you didnt help anyone...You just confused everyone all the hell more,talk some damn english. Poor dude probably went and took 50 tynelol and 50 hydrocodone after reading the answer you gave him

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Q: How many 500mg Tylenol pills would equal the relief of one Vicodin pill?
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How many 500mg Tylenol pills would equal the relief of one Tylenol 3?

To equal the Tylenol level would be one 500mg Tylenol, however, 3's have codiene in them and no matter how many tylenols you take, it will not give you the effect of an opiate. If you take too many it will shut down your liver and left unattended you will die a slow and agonizing death.

How many Tylenol 3's are equal to 2 vicodin?


How many Tylenol 3' equal one vicodin?

Actually, Tylenol 3 and Vicodin each contain a different type of painkiller so it would be difficult to try and compare them to each other. Tylenol 3 has codeine in it and Vicodin contains a synthetic opiate called hydrocodone. Vicodin by its nature is a stronger pain medicine than codeine. but it would be difficult to try and figure out how many Tylenol 3s equal a Vicodin. Considering the way that physicians prescribe these medications, both of them would require a very similar amount, and the same goes for how often they should be taken - prescribing directions usually state that the patient take one or two tablet every four hours. Now, as far as the codeine goes in the Tylenol medications, if you want to know how many Tylenol 3s would be equal to a Tylenol 4, that would be two. Same goes for Tylenol 1 and Tylenol 2. It would take two Tylenol 1s to equal one Tylenol 2, and two Tylenol 2s would equal one Tylenol 3. I'm not sure how the other ingredients in these medications compare to each other. JT

How many Tylenol 1 pills would equal the relief of one Tylenol 3?

I assume that by Tylenol 1, you mean over-the-counter Tylenol (acetaminophen). Tylenol 3 is acetaminophen and codeine phosphate 300mg/30mg and is only available by prescription.

Does 500mg equal 5g?

No. 500mg = 0.5g ; 5g = 5000 mg

500mg equal how many grams?

.50 grams

500mg equal how many milligrams?

500 milligrams

What is 500mg equal to grams?

500 milligrams is 0.5 gram.

Does 500mg equal 1 gram?

No, 1000mg = 1 gram

How much does 0.5 g equal to in mg?


Is 325MG equal to 5gr?

325mg is 3,25 and 5gr is 500mg.

How many Tylenol 3 does it take to equal the strength of percocet 5mg?

For me it seemed to be 4-5 Tylenol 3 to equal Percocet.There is a Tylenol 4 available.

500 milligrams is equal to how many grams?

500mg = 0.5 grams

Which is greater 5g or 500mg?

5g is equal to 5000mg so the answer is 5g

How many 500mg pills is equal to 3 grams?

1000 mg = 1gram therefore 6 500mg pills = 3grams

Where can you buy Tylenol 3?

You can not buy Tylenol 3 it needs to be prescribed by your physician, you can however buy Tylenol #1 at the pharmacy (just ask the pharmacist), 1 Tylenol 3 has 30 mg of codeine in it as Tylenol #1 only has 8mg of codeine in it so basically taking 4 Tylenol #1 would equal 1 Tylenol #3 (however you would not want to take 8 #1s to equal 2 #3's.

How many 50mg Tramadol tablets are needed to equal the pain relief of one 10mg Vicodin?

Probably about 2 50mg tramadol tablets. One 50mg Tramadol tablet is roughly equipotent to one 5mg hydrocodone (Vicodin) tablet. But, as with all drugs, each person reacts differently to meds. Your mileage may vary.

Does 500 mg equal 1 gram?

no.. 500mg equals half gram.

How many Tylenol with codiene 3 equals percocet 5mg?

4 tylenol 3 equal 1 percocet

Is 1000mcg equal to 500mg?

No...1000mcg is equal to 1mg. You just have to move the decimal 3 places to the left to get mg from mcg.

500mg is equal to how many cc?

.5 cc That a half of 1 cc

How many Tylenol 1 equal percocet?

None, and don't take over 1000 mgs of Tylenol you can hurt yourself.

How much Tylenol 3 do you take to equal 5 mg Hydrocodone?

They should be equal in doses.

How many Tylenol 3 equal a percocet?

Neither, percocet contains oxycodone which is a completely different class of drug compared to tylenol.

How much liquid hydrocodone 7.5 350 is equal to a pill dose?

Liquid hydrocodone 7.5 350 is equal to a 500mg pill dose.