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Probably about 2 50mg tramadol tablets. One 50mg Tramadol tablet is roughly equipotent to one 5mg hydrocodone (Vicodin) tablet. But, as with all drugs, each person reacts differently to meds. Your mileage may vary.

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What is the difference oxycodone tramadol?

tramadol is a synthetic opiate, oxycodones the real deal, tramadol good for pain relief but cant get high

Can you take tramadol and arthritis pain relief acetaminophen together?

If you are treating arthritis pain, tramadol is good enough to give you immediate relief. It is not advisable that you combine tramadol with another pain reliever since it can magnify potential side effects.

Tramadol can Give Pain Relief for Dogs ?

While most vets advise against pain medications for dogs, you CAN use certain medications. When you need pain relief for dogs, talk to your vet about Tramadol. Tramadol is a prescription medication that is used for not just people, but animals, as well. It is often prescribed for female dogs that have just been spayed to help with discomfort and pain relief. Talk to your vet if you think tramadol can help your dog with pain relief.

Is Tramadol a good pain reliever for rheumatoid arthritis?

Tramadol is often given for pain relief but your doctor would be the one to help you best.

What is Vicodin supposed to do?

Vicodin is a perscriction only narcotic for pain relief and muscle relaxer, or to say simply a pain killer

Can you take panadol and tramadol together?

it would be best to consult a doctor but yes you can take panadol with tramadol. but for anyone reading this tramadol is a b***h to withdraw from. how i know this i have been on tramadol on two separate occasions and both times i was told by doctors that i can take tramadol with panadol for extra pain relief.

Is Demerol stronger than Vicodin?

Demerol is very strong but it is better used for short-term pain relief. Vicodin is supposed to be for long-term pain relief like every 6 hours or so. If you want instantaneous pain relief, go for Demerol. If you want Vicodin, it might take an hour or so to kick in, which really sucks sometimes

How many tramadol equal a 5mg percocet?

None. Tramadol is a synthetic opioid, you will not get the same effects from it as from the oxycodone. But if you are seeking relief from withdrawl symptoms then take 4 and see how you feel.

What pain relief can you take whilst taking Ranitidine Tablets?


What are the uses of Altraday tablets?

altraday to be is used for pain relief of joints

What is the difference between trazodone and tramadol?

Trazodone is an antidepressant medication. It is thought to increase the activity of one of the brain chemicals (serotonin) which may become unbalanced and cause depression. Trazodoneis used to treat depression. It may also be used for relief of anxiety disorders (eg, sleeplessness, tension)Tramadol is a narcotic-like pain reliever. Tramadol is used to treat moderate to severe pain. Tramadol extended-release is used to treat moderate to severe chronic pain when treatment is needed around the clock

Does Vicodin treat headaches?

Vicodin is a pain relief medication. It does not treat the headache itself, nor the processes that cause or trigger them, but it can sometimes relieve the pain associated with headache disorders.

What drug did Eminem do?

Vicodin, Ambien, Valium, Methadone and zolpidem sleeping pills for relief from sleeping troubles.

Can you take tramadol and naltrexone together?

I hope so because I just did! Tramadol is classified as an analgesic, having both weak opioid properties and weak SNRI properties. Naltrexone will displace tramadol on the mu-2 opioid receptors, blocking pain relief through that pathway. However, studies have confirmed that the fast acting SNRI properties of tramadol will still provide significant pain relief compared to placebo when taken with an opiate antagonist such as naltrexone. Studies in myself have confirmed these findings. To the best of my knowledge, this is not a dangerous combination.

Does aristo ultraspas give sleep?

You may get sleep after relief from the bouts of abdominal pains. Tramadol has, but little role to play in that.

Is tramadol a good pain reliever?

Tramadol is an analgesic medicine that is used to ease intense and mild pain. It is prescribed only for people who suffer from long-term pain. Tramadol is an opiate agonist which means that it changes the body perception of pain. Therefore, if you have suffered pain for a very long time, then tramadol could be the best medication to effectively remove your pain. Source:

Can you mix hydromorphone and Vicodin together?

Hydromorphone does not have acetaminophen or Tylenol and Vicodin does. Some people take Hydromorphone for all day pain relief and the Vicodin for break-thru pain. You cannot mix any medication that has acetaminophen with Vicodin or anything that has acetaminophen in it, and should always take drugs only under a doctor's care.

What narcotics does vicodin have in it?

Vicodin has hydrocodone, which is a narcotic pain killer in it. Usually, depending on the type you are prescribed, hydrocodone comes in 5 mg, 7.5 mg, and 10 mg. There is also generally 500 mg of acetaminophen in the vicodin, which is a more useful OTC pain relief.

What is tramadol why do you need a prescribtion for tramadol?

Tramadol is a synthetic stripped-down analog of codeine and, as such, is an opioid .It's on prescription because it has some serious side effects and you can get addicted to it. Patients prescribed tramadol for general pain relief along with other agents have reported uncontrollable withdrawal-like nervous tremors if weaning off the medication happens too quickly.More in link below.

Why were workhouses needed?

They acted as a relief to the poor.

Will Vicodin work for severe back pain?

It depends on what you mean by work. Vicodin is prescribed for severe pain, most often after surgeries or for people with chronic pain. So if you're asking if Vicodin will mask your back pain, then yes, it most likely will. Now as for solving your back problem, a pain pill will not do anything. Vicodin is only for pain relief.

Vicodin replaced by tylenol3 safe?

Vicodin contains hydrocodone and paracetamol (acetaminophen). Tylenol 3 contains codiene and paracetamol (acetaminophen). Both of these can have side effects. It is best to research any medication you take. One can research medications on Vicodin is stronger than T3. It is in a different class. It also depends on the mgs of the tablets/pills prescribed. I have been taking Vicodin for 8 years now due to 7 disc herniations. The only side effect I have had is people trying to steal my meds. Take what helps the pain the best. Also, if you are in TRUE PAIN, you shouldn't have any side effects besides the pain relief.

Is tramadol for cancer pain?

Tramadol also known as Ultram is indicated for the management of moderate to severe chronic pain who need 24 hour pain relief for long periods of time. Depending on the cancer involved it could be offered as a pain therapy.