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Its a ground that goes to the firewall and to the left hand bolt on the alternator bracket.Mine goes from my Power Steering unit bolt to the bolt on the alt as explained, simple ground. The laternator itself has one plug and one power , no single ground wires.

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What does an isolated ground mean on a 12 volt alternator?

This might mean the ground is isolated from the case of the alternator. In a normal application, the case of the alternator is the ground connection and being bolted to the engine block via a metal bracket, the grounded case of the alternator is electrically connected to the ground lead of the battery which is also connected to the engine block. An isolated ground might indicate the alternator ground is electrically insulated from the alternator case.

Will a bad ground wire ruin an alternator?

a bad ground wire can ruin an alternator by not completing the circuit

Why does battery go dead when hooked up but alternator is good in geo metro?

check your battery ground and your alternator ground

Is allis chalmers ca positive ground?

It Depends. Is is a new style alternator? or old generator? if it was the old style generator on the tractor it will be positive ground. If it was the alternator is is negative ground.

Why is your headlights dim?

Low alternator output or weak ground connection. Have the alternator checked.

Does the ground run from the battery to the alternator?

Generally the battery ground lead is connected to the engine block and the alternator is bolted to the same block via metal brackets and thus connected electrically to the battery ground.

How do you change an alternator ground wire on a 1994 Mitsubishi 3000 GT?

Refer to your service and user manual on how to change an alternator ground wire on a 1994 Mitsubishi 3000 GT.

How do you check the ground on a 97 ford escort alternator?

It grounds itsself when bolted on, The case is the ground

Is there a ground wire connected to the transmission?

yes theres an braided ground wire that bolts to the transmission bell housing

Where is alternator fuse located in 1995 Ford Taurus?

There isn't a fuse for the alternator. The alternator is belt driven, and there'll be two lines coming from the alternator - one goes from the alternator positive to battery positive, and the other goes to ground.

What do you do if a wire grounds out after you hook the alternator back on to a 1993 Saturn?

Is the alternator a known good one? You could have a bad rectifier in your alternator causing a short to ground when it is installed.

Where is the ground wire on the alternator in a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am?

There is no ground wire.... it grounds through where it touches the engine

Where is the Ground wire on alternator from battery?

There usually isn't one. The vehicle becomes the ground, and since the alternator is physically attached to the engine, the case of the alternator becomes the ground. Note that the battery is also connected to the vehicle chassis, usually at 2 or more points, and that the engine usually has a grounding strap to some solid point on the chassis.

What to fix if check charge system light comes on a 98 Oldsmobile aurora?

Check all of your connections from the alternator, see if the are loose or corroded. Make sure battery cables are not loose or corroded. Check the battery ground wire connection to the body of the car also. If everything appears OK you will need to test the alternator output or have it tested. You may need to replace the alternator or voltage regulaor.

How do you know if your motorcycle alternator is bad?

my alternator recently went out on my 650 Triumph, a BSA friend told me to unhook the two wires from the alternator and with an ampmeter set to where it will sound the horn when you touch the two ampmeter leads together,now plug one of the ampmeter leads into the alternator lead and touch the other lead to ground, it should buzz if it is grounded. my alternator and rotor were burned and touching causing a ground.

Battery light comes on when you brake?

I have a 95 G20 drove it like this for almost a year with it going on and off at times then one day it died- alternator finally went. alternator!!! and or ground to alternator.

How do you change an alternator on a 2002 Honda Odyssey?

You can change the alternator, on a 2002 Honda Odyssey, by first removing the alternator belt. Remove the ground and hot wires. Remove the three retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new alternator.

What is the purpose of ground wires in overhead transmission lines?

connection of the ground of all the transmission lines and used as a communication cable between protection devices

Why your car stop when the ac turn on?

bad alternator or ground to ac compressor

What happens when cold air as it sinks to the ground?

Fog appears when cold air sinks to the ground.

How does an alternator ground out?

An alternator will ground out when the normally insulated line that charges the battery( after going through the regulator system) makes contact with the alternator shell. This sends any voltage to the surrounding case and to any surrounding metal thusly grounding the voltage out. This can occur due to vibration or excessive moisture to the casing.

Could my battery not charge from a bad ground?

Yes, a poor or open ground would prevent an alternator or generator from being charged.

What is neutral grounding resistor panel?

A neutral grounding resistor panel is used to resist fault current to the ground. It is used for alternator protection protection purposes. When a fault occurs in the alternator, the panel helps force the current to the ground.

How to change an alternator in a tercel?

undo the bottom bolt on the alternator and the top tension adjuster bolt. unbolt the ground wire going to it and pull the plug going to it. reverse all steps to put new alternator in.

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