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About 12 percent.

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Q: How many American deaths in Vietnam were not due to enemy action?
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What two enemy forces did the American army face in Vietnam?


What does charley mean?

In the Vietnam War, the American soldiers would refer to the enemy as charley

What was the main goal of American soldiers in Vietnam?

to kill as many enemy soldiers as possible

What was the significance of the tet offensive?

It showed American forces in Vietnam that the Viet Cong were a formidable enemy.

What was combat like for American combat soldiers in Vietnam?

The Vietnam War was one of the worst in American history. Combat in the jungle was difficult, and it was hard to know who exactly was the enemy, since Vietnam had two different sides of the war as well.

Who was the main enemy of north Vietnam?

The US. Only the US was bombing North Vietnam. Although American and Australian men 'o war were bombarding North Vietnam along their coastline.

How many enemy were killed in the Vietnam war?

The total number of deaths vary widely. Allied military deaths 282,000. NVA/VC military 444,000. Civilian, north and south Vietnan 627,000. Total 1,353,000.

What was the main goal of American combat soldiers in Vietnam?

To kill as many enemy soldiers as possible. APEX

The enemy was hard to find in the of South Vietnam?

The enemy was hard to find in the jungles of South Vietnam. The answer is jungles.

What were the American plans to defeat Vietnam?

FIREPOWER: B-52 the North into submission to the peace talks and ultimately coming to terms; and by a process of attrition, eliminating the enemy in South Vietnam.

Who as been Vietnam primary and political enemy of Vietnam for thousands of years?

The Chinese .

Did the American involvement in Vietnam have a clear aim?

Yes. 1. Bomb the North into submission (bomb them back to the peace tables). 2. Search out and destroy every enemy soldier in RVN (Republic South Vietnam). Result: The enemy will either quit or all be dead.

How many American women were killed during the Vietnam War?

Sixty-eight American women lost their lives in the Vietnam war. Eight were military. Only one American woman lost her life due to actual enemy fire. She was USA ANC 1LT Sharon Ann Lane.

Was it south or north Vietnam you went to war with?

The allies were helping S. Vietnam. The North was the enemy.

What mistakes were made in the Vietnam War?

Underestimating the enemy.

The enemy was hard to find in the what of South Vietnam?


Who was the enemy in the war of Vietnam US?

See answer below.

Deaths in Kuwait war?

During the Kuwait War the Coalition forces saw 147 killed by enemy action and 145 non-hostile deaths. The Iraq forces saw 20,000 to 35,000 killed. Kuwaiti and Iraqi civilian losses were approximately 4,500.

What is the action verb in this sentence The enemy attacked the headquarters?

Attacked is the action verb in the sentence, "The enemy attacked the headquarters."

What are the ratings and certificates for Enemy Action - 1999?

Enemy Action - 1999 is rated/received certificates of: USA:R

What are the release dates for The Uncounted Enemy A Vietnam Deception - 1982 TV?

The Uncounted Enemy A Vietnam Deception - 1982 TV was released on: USA: 23 January 1982

In the documentary introduction to the enemy Jane Fonda and tom Hayden reported back on what enemy?

North Vietnam

How were Vietnam soldiers treated when they came home?

Like an enemy.

How were your soldiers treated when they returned from the Vietnam War?

Like an enemy.

What was the role of the US Military in the Vietnam war?

To destroy the enemy.