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How many American soldiers died in ww1?

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110,000 soldiers died in World War 1.

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2,050,897 German soldiers died in ww1

Over 91,000 soldiers died from gas poisoning during WW1. The link below provides a breakdown by country of how many of their soldiers died by gassing.

About 50.000 soldiers, total about 250.000 soldiers

In total, 187,5000 Bulgarian soldiers died as a result of ww1. That is about 3.41% of the total population. :)

hello, I don't know. Goodbye :)

Remembrance Day started to remember the soldiers who died in WW1. It is now for all soldiers who died in WW1 ,WW2 and Korea.

over 1000 soldiers died during ww1 in austria Hungary

just over 60 000 Australian soldiers died in WW1

aprocimently 20 million soldiers died in ww1

Over 6000 British soldiers died on the first day of world war 1 on the 1st July 1916.

It is estimated that at least 10 million soldiers from Europe died. Overall, about 20 million people, both military and civilian, died in that horrible war.

a large number of people died of sickness in WW1, there is no exact answer to this question

Well my textbook says 26,000 were killed. i don't know how many were wounded.

8 000 000 French soldiers. 1 500 000 died. 4 500 000 were injured.

Around 6-7 million british soldiers fought in WW1 xx

The American soldiers were called "Doughboys" in WW1

Probably 250 000 soldiers and approx. the same number of civils.

How do you expect someone to count this 😂

it was 10,000 newfoundlanders who died in ww1

we remember them because it is very important to do so for the soldiers who died in the ww1

who was the last surviving soldier from ww1 in nz? what year did he die