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How many Americans own computers?

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βˆ™ 2007-04-30 22:59:34

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There could be millions of people!

2007-04-30 22:59:34
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Q: How many Americans own computers?
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How many older Americans have computers?

2 old Americans own computer.

How many computers are there is US?

I Heard the 75% of Americans have computers

What percent of US population own a computer or have access to a computer?

76% of Americans own computers

How many people in UK own computers?

The amount of people own a computers in uk are:783.5

How many computers do you have?

i own every computer you own.

How many homes in America have computers?

a staggering 94% of all Americans have computers now.

How many computers does the average american own?

I think an average american person can own two computers.

How many people own computers in the US?


How many people own computers today?


How many people own computers worldwide?

According to the CIA World Factbook there are an estimated as of 2005 there were 1,018,057,389 internet users worldwide. How many actually own computers is questionable.

How many people own computers in UK?

approx 42,000.000

How many Americans own iPods?


Do all Americans have computers?


What percent of Americans have had their computers hacked?

99.901290129012% of all Americans

How many American families have computers?

Over 1.3 thousand of American families own computers. Mostly now a days alot of people own computers now, just like everyone owns a DVD player. And soon, everyone will own a wii or that itouch.

How many canadians own computers?

It is estimated that about 90 percent of Canadians own computers. About 82 percent have access to the Internet. There are some remote areas in Canada that are Internet free.

How many people in the United States own a computer?

76% of Americans own a computer.

How many Americans don't own guns?

@ 1/2 of the population does not own a firearm.

How many computers does the United Kingdom have?

I dont know but i own one of them :) lol

How many Americans own a computer?

Based on the Government Census it is to believe in 2015 84% of all Americans own a computer and actively use the internet.

How many Americans own pools?

over 8 million

How many Americans own a suit?

Very little lol

Why did many Americans favor the Cubans in their struggle for independence from the spanish?

It reminded the Americans of their own revolutionary heritage.

How many hand gun are owned by Americans?

Multiple millions - as many as they want to own...

Cars owned by Americans?

Yes, Americans own many cars of all types and sizes. What did you want to know?