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According to Wikipedia, during WWII, somewhat over 10,000,000 men were inducted. The question was how many African Americans were drafted, the answer does not clarify this.

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How many americans were drafted into the korean war?

There was approximately 1,751,820 Americans to be drafted into the Korean War. Not all of these men were actually sent to Korea.

How many people were drafted in World War 2?

== In the US there were 11,535,000 draftees during WWII.

How many Americans served in the armed forces during world war 2?

Approximately 16 million Americans served in the armed forces during World War 2

How many men were drafted for World War I?

there were 2.4 Million men drafted in world war 1

How many Americans died in World War II?

Approximately 417,000 Americans died during military actions in World War II.

How many Americans soldiers died during World War 2?

Death Toll of Americans in WWIIThe death toll of Americans was an estimated 406,000 soldiers dead during WWII.

How many men were conscripted during World War 2 in Britain?

In World War II 300 million British men were drafted. 800,000 children were drafted, and 80 million pregnant women were drafted, but only 79 million pregnant women actually fought in the war.

What did During World War 2 many Japanese Americans?

Japanese Americans were placed in American internment camps, during World War II.

How many men were drafted during World War 2?

The major powers in WW 2 put 92 million men in the field. Some 90 million of them were drafted; the rest were professional soldiers.

Approximately how many men were drafted during the Vietnam War?

By 1968, approximately 40,000 men a month were being drafted.

Why were African Americans mistreated during World War 2?

Many African Americans were mistreated during World War II because it was still believed in many areas of the United States that these individuals were not equal to white soldiers. Many African Americans were put in the front lines when battling and deprived of medical treatment when it was needed.

How many Americans were killed in France during World War 2?

there are no figures for how many Americans killed in France specifically, but the number of American deaths in total are about 405,000.

How many times has rey mysterio been drafted?

During the wwe draft,he has been drafted 2 times as far as i can remember.

How many Americans were killed during World War II?

There were 418,500 American military and civilian deaths as a result of combat and repression during World War II.

How many Americans were killed during World War Korea?

This question is a bit unclear. If you are referring to the Korean war, 36,516 Americans were killed in that war. If you are referring to World War II, 418.500 Americans were killed in that war.

Why didn't many like the Japanese during World War 2?

Because we the Americans was invaded by Japan!

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