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How many Australian soldiers were injured or missing during World War 2?


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About 40 thousand were missing or killed and and another 180 thousand were wounded.

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During the Battle of Chancellorsville, almost 19,000 soldiers were wounded. In total, 2,300 soldiers were killed and 8,000 were captured or missing.

349 Union soldiers went missing during the Battle of Chattanooga.

3,542,837 Soldiers were wounded during Operation Barbarossa.

They are injured during wartime

39.800 Australian Soldiers were killed during WW2.

During World War 1, Germany lost the most soldiers. In total, 10 million military died, 20 million were injured, and 8 million went missing.

Some of the soldiers had to eat and sleep outside during the winter months. And also if they were injured they had surgery on the battlefield...

Discounting the 200 fatalities, some sources state about 600 US personnel were injured during DS.

She was a nurse.She healed the injured soldiers.

From approximately 1962-1972 over 50,000 Australian Servicemen fought in Vietnam, of which over 19,000 were drafted men. Over 63,000 Australian men were conscripted (drafted) during the war. Nearly 520 Australians were killed in Vietnam, of which over 200 were conscripts. 2,400 were injured.

to see what was injured in the soldiers body

they won but were missing a lot of soldiers that they lost.

Australian maintained a troop level of approximately 8,000 men in Vietnam during the war.

Around 20,000 thousand Western Australian Soldiers were sent to war in Greece to aid Australia's greatest ally during that time, Britain.

Yes, but not always back in Australia.

it was when you go in you don't get out till you get injured and cant fight or you die

About 61,928 Australian soldiers died during World War I.

7,789+ on the US side and 0 injured for the Japs. This is because no Japs have ever been captured alive during WW2, except for one.

Three soldiers are court martialled in the Australian film 'Breaker Morant' (1980). Directed by Bruce Beresford, starring Edward Woodward and Bryan Brown, and set during the Boer War.

Major General A. L. McDonald was Australia's commander in Vietnam.

The Australian soldiers considered them to be extremely formidable soldiers until they realized with the allies they could be defeated. The Australian prisoners thought they were evil, cruel and monstrous people with the atrocities, cruelties and horrible care they gave to them and the American and the Brits. They were helpful in the War Crimes Trials to get the Japanese convicted.

Soldiers were not sent home on leave from the military in World War 1 such as they are today. Soldiers were only sent home if they were injured, were no longer needed, or if they had died.

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