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How many Australian soldiers were involved in the Vietnam War?

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Australian maintained a troop level of approximately 8,000 men in Vietnam during the war.

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How many Australian soldiers were injured in the Vietnam war?

Over 3,000 Australian Servicemen wounded in Vietnam.

What years were the Australian soldiers involved with the Vietnam war?

Australian "Military Advisors" were sent to Vietnam in 1962. On April 29th, 1965, the Prime Minister, Sir Robert Menzies, committed Australian troops to fight in Vietnam. On November 30th, 1971, the last Australian combat troops left Vietnam. Over 60,000 ANZAC troops, many of them conscripts, fought in Vietnam.

How many Australian soldiers were wounded in the Vietnam War?

Approximately 600 Australian servicemen were killed in Vietnam, and over 1200 wounded.

How many soldiers were killed in the Vietnam War?

Over 58,000 US servicemen, and approximately 600 Australian servicemen were killed in the Vietnam War.

How many British soldiers went to the Vietnam war?

None, Australian and New Zealander's served in their stead.

How many Australian soldiers fought in Vietnam war?

Over 50,000 Australians served in Vietnam, of which about 19,000 men were draftees. Not all them were soldiers, some were Australian sailors serving aboard the Australian warship's HMAS Perth, Brisbane, Vendetta, and Hobart; which, between them, fired 102,546 shells from the gunline.

How many many Vietnam soldiers came to Australia?

None. Australian soldiers went to Vietnam.

How many Australian troops died in Vietnam?

About 600 Australian servicemen died in Vietnam.

How many Australian soldiers went to the Vietnam war?

From approximately 1962-1972 over 50,000 Australian Servicemen fought in Vietnam, of which over 19,000 were drafted men. Over 63,000 Australian men were conscripted (drafted) during the war. Nearly 520 Australians were killed in Vietnam, of which over 200 were conscripts. 2,400 were injured.

How Many soldiers Served in Vietnam?

Millions and thousands of soldiers served Vietnam to protect the country.

How were the Vietnam soldiers treated when they came home?

Vietnam soldiers were treated quite differently than soldiers returning from previous wars. This is because the Vietnam war itself caused great controversy in the US over whether we should be involved or not an many opposed it. When the soldiers returned home they were not greeted with fanfare and excitement. They were greeted with cold shoulders and no respect. Part of this is also due to the media that made the soldiers appear to be killers that destroyed entire civillian villages, which was not true. Many people even hated the soldiers that returned although there was rarely violence involved.

How many us soldiers died in vietnam?

A total of 58,168 American soldiers died in Vietnam during the Vietnam War!!

What are the names of soldiers dead in Vietnam?

There are many soldiers that died in Vietnam, if you want a complete list for Americans go to the Vietnam memorial in Washington D.C.

How many Australian soldiers died in World War 2?

39.800 Australian Soldiers were killed during WW2.

How many Australian men were killed in the Vietnam War due to conscription?

Approximately 600 Australian serviceman were killed in the Vietnam War.

How many Australian men came back from Vietnam?

About 8,000 Australian servicemen fought in the Vietnam War. Approximately 600 were killed there.

How many Australian soldiers died in ww2?

More than 23,000 Australian soldiers died in ww2 against Germany!

What foot infections did soldiers in Vietnam suffer from?

One foot infection that soldiers in Vietnam suffered from was an infection called trench foot. Also, many soldiers in Vietnam suffered from basic fungal infections on their feet.

What was the main goal of American soldiers in Vietnam?

to kill as many enemy soldiers as possible

How many American soldiers killed in Vietnam?

38,209 US Soldiers were killed in Vietnam. The remaining 20,000 men were Marines, Sailors, and Airmen.

How many New Zealand soldiers died in the Vietnam war?

The total number of New Zealand soldiers that were killed or died in the Vietnam War was 37. There were 187 soldiers wounded.

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