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there were 12000000 soliders

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Q: How many Australians were conscripted during World War 2?
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How many Australians served in World War 2?

575,799 Australians served overseas during WWII out of a Military force of 993,000.

How many australians were killed during World War 2?

40,500 Australians were reportedly to be killed during World War 2, 39,800 were being Military Deaths and 700 being civilian deaths.

How many Australians died in World War I?

About 61,928 Australian soldiers died during World War I.

How many Australians fought in the battle of Somme during World War 1?


How many Canadian soldiers were conscripted in world war 1?

about 24,000

How many indigeous australians served in world war 2?

Roughly 120 - 300 Australian Aborigines served during WW2.

How many Australians died at the Kokoda Track during the War?


How many Australians served in World War 1?

About 400,000.

How many Australians died in the First World War?


How many Australians enlisted in World War one?


How many Australians died in France in World War 1?


How many Australians survived World War 2?

About 5 million.

How many Australians returned in World War 2?

Approximately a million.

How many australians served in the army in world war 2?

how many, its obvious isnt it, 20,000

How many Australian soldiers went to the Vietnam war?

From approximately 1962-1972 over 50,000 Australian Servicemen fought in Vietnam, of which over 19,000 were drafted men. Over 63,000 Australian men were conscripted (drafted) during the war. Nearly 520 Australians were killed in Vietnam, of which over 200 were conscripts. 2,400 were injured.

How many soldiers were conscripted for WW1?

7.7 millon

How many Australians enlisted in the armed forces in World War 2?

About a million.

How many Australians were wounded in World War 2 Kokoda Track?


How many Australians died in kokoda world war 2?


How many Australians were lost in World War 1?

By the end of World War 1, 58,961 Australians had been killed, and over 165,000 had been wounded. The war lasted from 1914 to 1918.

Why did womenvdo mens jobs during world war 1 and world war 2?

The majority of men were conscripted into the armed forces, and were away fighting. Therefore, women had to take over many traditional male jobs to keep the country able to 'carry on.'

Why do Australians go to the beach for Christmas?

Not all Australians go to the beach for Christmas, as not all Australians have ready access to decent beaches. However, many do choose to spend Christmas at the beach because it occurs during the Australian summer which, in many parts of the country, can be very hot.

How many australians lost there life during the Vietnam war?

521 dead; 3,000 wounded .

Are Australians an ethnic group?

Aboriginal Australians are: many Australians are European or Asian or whatever in origin.

How did Australia defend itself during World War 2?

Australia defended itself during World War 2 with it's army and navy. Britain and America supplied many of the arms used by the Australians, who fought in Europe as well as defended their homeland from the Japanese.

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