How many Boeing 747s are there?

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around 1400 ^^

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Q: How many Boeing 747s are there?
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When do Boeing 747s land at Edinburgh airport?


Does British Airways fly Boeing 747s?

British Airways have 57 Boeing 747-400.

What layer of the atmosphere do Boeing 747s fly in?

The Boeing 747 can fly in the troposphere and lower stratosphere layers of Earth's atmosphere.

How many cubic feet in the International Space Station?

The ISS will have an internal pressurized volume of 46,000 cubic feet, or about 1.5 Boeing 747s. (from a Boeing website of ISS funfacts)

How many people does a normal jet airplane hold?

Bombardier makes a 50-passenger jet. Some Boeing 747s carry more than 500. The Airbus A380 will carry more than that.

Did continental airlines at any one point have Boeing 747s on their commercial jet line of planes?

Yes. Their first B747 the "red meatball" was purchased from People's Express.

How many 747s were made?

1,500 as of June 28, 2014.

How fast do planes landing?

It depends on the airplane...little planes like Cessnas can land doing about 60 knots, King Airs land at about 100 knots, Boeing 747s need about 150...

Is a 747 Boeing bigger than a 777?

Yes. It is longer by about 3 metres and taller. There are different types of 747s and 777s. But if we compare the largest type of both planes, than the 777 is bigger.

What is the average weight of a sesame seed?

I don't know the weight, however, the total weight of the sesame seeds sold annually on Big Macs, is greater than the total weight of two Boeing 747s

How big is the macau airport?

The Macau International Airport covers a total area of 474 acres and is capable of handling Boeing 747s. It is well-equipped, with a capacity of 6,000,000 passengers and 160,000 tons of cargo annually.

How many passengers can a boeing carry?

Depends on WHICH Boeing you are talking about.

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