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There are no official Buddhist countries, but most countries have people living in those countries which practice Buddhism.

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Q: How many Buddhist countries are there?
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How many buddist country in the world?

There are a total of 7 countries with are predominantly Buddhist across the world. Many other countries have large Buddhist countries but are outnumbered by other religions.

What countries are Buddhist countries?

Nepal and China.

What countries in southeast Asia are Buddhist?

China, Japan, and South Korea are some countries with large Buddhist populations.

What are three main holidays in Buddhism?

The two main holidays of Buddhism are Vesak and Kathina. Many Buddhist countries have local Buddhist holidays in addition to these two.

What is a Buddhist mat called?

Buddhist mats are called different things in different countries, and depending on their purpose.

What coutries are Buddhist countries?

cant sorry it is not answered yet

How did asoka's actions as king show his beliefs?

He was a Buddhist. He built 80000 temples. He also spread Buddhism to many countries

Why did so many Buddhist sects develope in Japan?

Japan is almost %50 Buddhist. The others are mostly Shinto. There are many Buddhists living in Japan because it spread there from it's other native countries such as China, Korea, and India.

How do Buddhist get married?

Buddhists get married in many different ways because there are many sects of Buddhism in many countries. However, Buddhists see marriage as a secular event and are only expected to follow the laws in the countries they live in.

How many are Buddhist?

The last recording of this i have says that 376 million people were buddhist.

Is there any traditional Buddhist food?

"Buddhist" is not a category like Mexican with traditional cukltural foods any more that balls people have a specific style of cooking. Buddhism is present in many countries and cultures and they eat the local cuisine.

What do Buddhist nuns wear and what is the name?

Buddhist nuns (bhikkhunis) wear robes (civara). The robes have different names in different countries and different schools of Buddhism.

How many Buddhist temples are in California?

According to there are 359 Buddhist organisations in California.

How many Buddhist are there in China?


How many Buddhist's in Cambodia?


Who is the Buddhist supreme being?

Buddhist do not have a supreme being as a supreme being is not really part of a Buddhist philosophy. Some Buddhist believe in god, some believe in many gods, many however are atheist or agnostic. So the Buddhist religion really does not worship or identify a supreme being, I guess that is up to the individual Buddhist.

How many Buddhist population?

Total Buddhist population in the World Buddhist population in China is: 1219,149,600. Buddhist population in Japan is: 122, 933, 785. Buddhist population in Vietnam is: 74, 664, 000 Buddhist population in Thailand is: 61, 943, 563 Buddhist population in Myanmar is: 53, 649, 200 Population of Buddhists in China+Japan+Vietnam+Thailand+Myanmar+other Buddhist countries= 1921, 989, 641 Christianity: 2.1 billion Buddhism: 1.9 billion Islam: 1.5 billion Hinduism: 1.1 billion (See related link below for more information.)

What countrys do Buddhist come from?

Buddhists come from many different countries all over the world. As long as Buddhism is practiced in a country anyone can learn Buddhism.

Where do most Buddhist followers live?

Buddhist mainly live in East Asia but to go in details these are the countries listed Below :MongoliaJapanTaiwanBhutanMyanmarCambodiaThailandSri LankaThe countries listed above are not mainly Buddhist.They might have other religions like Islam ETC.

What do Buddhist's eat?

There are many Buddhist vegetarians. However there are alot of Buddhists who eat meat as well

What other countries Buddhism spread to?

Buddhism has spread to almost all countries, except some Muslim countries where there is no freedom of religion. But even some of the countries which are now Muslim were formerly Buddhist.

What countries have sacred Buddhist sites?

India Japan Thailand Sri Lanka and Indonesia Malayasia

Is there a calendar for Buddhism?

The Buddhist calendar is a calendar for Buddhism and is used in some countries in Southeast Asia.

Could you name three countries which today have a large Buddhist population?

china japan vietnam

What countries are Buddhist found?

Southeast Asia, including China, India, Tibet, Nepal, and Japan