How many Cadillac dealers in the US?

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There are 950 Current Cadillac Dealers In the USA.
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Why can't a Cadillac dealer find the reason a 2002 Cadillac Seville SLS with less than 20K is stalling and dying?

With so much electronics, it is extremely hard to find any problem that happens just so often. If it wouyld die and not start, it would be easier to find but if it is running good when the dealer has it it is hard to find. Have patience. hey this might help ive had that problem and i just tried it ( Full Answer )

How to get a used car dealer license in Texas?

How many cars do you have to sell in one year to be required to have a dealer's license in Texas? 5 or more and they must all be titled in your name not in the name of a business or other entity. It you sell 5 or more, or sell a car that is not titled in your name, you need a license.

How do you return a purchased used car to a dealer?

Answer . depends what you're trying to return it for. if it falls under your local "lemon" laws then you have grounds for a refund of purchase otherwise you're stuck with the vehicle or you can stop paying and they'll come repossess the car.

How many Harley dealers worldwide?

According to Hoover's Profiles: Harley Davidson has a worldwide network of more than 1,500 dealers offering some 35 models of touring and custom Harleys .

Will a dealer buy my used car?

Answer . Most dealers won't buy a car outright, especially for the price they give you as "trade in value". A company called CarMax will though. Google them on your browser for more information.

Largest broker dealers in US?

I think was it was nerril lynch. but now it has been merged with BOfA. So it will be largest broker.. Sachin

Where do used car dealers get their cars?

Some from Toronto auction at Milton, some from private customers such as trade in, some from other dealers. Used car dealers usually get their vehicles from leasing companies, vehicle auctions, and trade-ins.

How many gun dealers are there in US?

1. There are currently 140,000 registered firearms sellers in theUnited States (source: Arming America, Origins of a National GunCulture) The statistic information above should be explained further.According ATF publication "Firearms Commerce in the United States:Annual Statistical Update 2014", the ( Full Answer )

Can a dealer program a used bcm?

According to my buddy who is a ase certified mechanic yes they can, but most of the time they will tell you that they cannot due to the fact they would rather make the markup on a new module and the installation, hope this answers your question.

Why become a used car dealer?

Beause good old Chrysler or gm prob closed a dealership if u own 1. (and 4 no apparent reason)

Fuji Xerox dealers in US?

Fuji Xerox does not have any dealers in the United States. Xerox machines and related products and services are marked in the United States by the Xerox Corporation, which owns 25% of Fuji Xerox. Fuji Xerox markets Xerox machines and related products and services in the Asia-Pacific region, includi ( Full Answer )

How do you start used car dealer?

First, work for a used car dealer atleast 6 to 12 months. Then prepare a good used car dealer business plan. Go from there.

How used car dealers developed?

1. Loss-Leader Advertising : Have you ever see those ads in the paper for cars that are listed for well below what you'd expect to pay? Well, it's usually because they're undesirable colors, have no options or generally have problems. But car dealers aren't trying to sell you these cars, they just ( Full Answer )

How used car dealers develop?

1. Loss-Leader Advertising : Have you ever see those ads in the paper for cars that are listed for well below what you'd expect to pay? Well, it's usually because they're undesirable colors, have no options or generally have problems. But car dealers aren't trying to sell you these cars, they just ( Full Answer )

How many Mercedes dealers in us?

There are over 100 Mercedes dealers located all over the UnitedStates. People can find the exact location of every dealership onthe Mercedes website.

Can you return a used car to dealer?

It depends on the reason you are returning it and how you purchased it, and if you want money back or not. If you bought it AS-IS no warranty and something went wrong with it, legally the dealer is not responsible, and does not have to refund any money.

How many drug dealers exist?

You cant count how many drug dealers there are because no one is stupid enough to tell just anybody that they are drug dealers.

What degree do you need to become a Cadillac dealer?

You do not need a degree to become a cadillac dealer. In some states you are required to have a dealers license if you want to buy and sell more than 5 cars within a one year period.

Do Cadillac dealers sell other brands too?

Cadillac dealers will have many other models other then just Cadillac's in their car lot. You can ask the dealer to show you the other makes and models that they have for sale on their lot.

Where can you find dealers that have used Scion cars?

Scion brand cars are produced by the Toyota Motor Corporation, so any Toyota dealerships should sell used Scions. Private ads in newspapers possibly might have a few used scions for sale as well.

How many Saab dealers are there in Alabama?

There is only one SAAB dealer in the state of Alabama. It is located in Birmingham. There may be other used car lots which have SAABs ,but they are not a certified SAAB dealer.

Is there a Cadillac Fleetwood dealer in Charlotte NC?

Yes there are Caadilac fleetwood dealers in Charlotte NC. There is a dealer named bobby black chevrolet and cadillac located in Cahrlotter North Carolina and also randy marion cadilac.

Are there any Jeep Dealers outside of the US?

From what I have found from my research, no there was no Jeep dealers outside of the United States. Jeep is an American made car, and only America sells them. Some of their parts from from different countries, like the engines, but otherwise they are only made and sold in America.

Where are some local used car dealers?

Well it depends what town / city you live in, most of the towns in the world normally have car dealers / used car dealers which are normally located on a main street.

How many GMC dealers are in California?

GMC has dealerships in 26 major Californian cities. GMC also offers direct dealership quotes availible on their website along with options and vehicle features.

Where is the nearest Cadillac dealer in Ohio?

Go to and then in the upper right hand corner of menu bar - select locate a dealer. It'll then prompt you to put in your zip code. BINGO!

How many Saturn dealers are there in the USA?

There are more than 422 Saturn dealers all over the United States territory! Don't wait any longer to get your Saturn at your more convenient location.

How many Infiniti dealers are there in the US?

There are over 400 authentic Infiniti dealers located in the United States. There are thousands other dealerships in the US that sell used Infiniti vehicles.

What is car dealer software used for?

A car dealer software is used for the following: Managing vehicle inventory, review account balances and manage funds, add or subtract repair or improvement costs, store customer details.

Where is the nearest Cadillac Escalade dealer in FL?

The nearest Cadillac Escalade dealer in Florida is Braman Cadillac in Miami. The dealer serves the area of West Palm Beach, Ford Lauderdale. This dealer also has its own service department.

Where can one find a Cadillac dealer in Mexico?

Cadillac's website "Cadillacdealer" will list any dealers in a given area. Edmonds is another good site for this information. Autos at AOL also is a site to check on.