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Approx 17939 gallons.


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To fill this pool completely with water requires 23,940 US gallons of water.

To fill this pool to a depth of four feet you will need about 7,646 gallons of water. If you decide to fill it to three feet deep, the gallons decreases to around 5,735.

If you fill it to four feet deep, the total is 10,408 gallons of water.

A pool this size with an average depth of 16 feet requires 462,560 gallons of water to fill it to the top.

If this is a round pool that is 18 feet across and you fill it to 3 feet deep, the total volume would be about 5,735 gallons of water. Filling it to 4 feet deep will increase the volume to 7,646 gallons of water.

Three feet of water in a 12-foot round pool is about 2,550 gallons.

As you fill it, a square 12-ft x 12-ft pool takes 1,077.2 gallonsfor every 1 foot deep.To fill it to the 10-ft rim will take 10,772gallons.Note:If you want to watch the thrilling drama unfold on your water meter, the meteris probably marked in cubic feet. The pool takes 144 cubic feet of water for eachfoot deep, and 1,440 cubic feet to fill it to 10-ft deep.

a 4 feet diameter tank holds 94 gallons/foot. Therefore 94 x 3 =282 gallons

A 12-foot round pool filled with 3 feet of water contains 2,549 gallons water. If you fill it to 4 feet deep it changes to about 3,400 gallons.

An 18-foot round pool with 3 feet of water contains 5,734.8 gallons of water. If you fill it to 4 feet deep it increases to 7,646 gallons of water.

12 x 24 x 4 = 1,152 cubic feet1,152 cubic feet = 8,617.55841 US gallons

It takes 59.84 gallons to fill eight cubic feet.

The volume of the pool is 2,290.2 cu ft and has a maximum capacity of 17,133.2 gallons of water.

(3.5 feet) * PI * ((9 feet)^2) = 6 662.46122 US gallons

Twelve feet of water in a 10-foot round pool is approximately 7,080 gallons.

Using 24 feet x 4.5 feet as true measurements it would take 15,220 gallons of water to fill the pool.

Multiply all three dimensions to get the volume in cubic feet. Then multiply that product by 7.48 to convert to gallons.

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