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946 casualties

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Q: How many Canadians died on D-day?
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How many people all together died in the battle on d-day?

About 3000 people died on Dday.

How many Canadians died in the 2010 Haiti earthquake?

50 canadians

Why was dday called dday?

it stands for death day because so many died

How many canadians died in Afghanistan?


How many Canadians died in World War 2?

Approximately 44,198 Canadians were killed in WWII.

How many canadians died in dieppe?

around 3000

How many Canadians Have died when on duty in Afghanistan?


How many canadians died from spanish flu?

no one

What does the d in dday mean?

dday means doomsday

How many Canadian's died in 911?

26 Canadians died in 9/11.

How many Canadians have died in space?

No Canadian astronaut has ever died in space.

How many Canadians died in D-day?


How many canadians died in the Cyprus peacekeeping mission?


How many Canadians died in the second battle of Ypres?

about 6000

How many canadians died in the Korean War?

Canada's casualties totalled 1,558 including 516 who died.

How many Canadians died fighting ww11?

42,042 Canadians died fighting WW2. As well as 1,148 Canadian merchant seamen were killed. source:

How many Canadians died veit nam?

Canada stayed out of the war. Approximately 120 foreigners serving in the US military died in VN, some of those men no doubt were Canadians.

What Tanks Were Used On D-day?

how many tanks were there durind dday

How many Canadian soldiers died in world war 1?

i belive it was 60,000 Canadians

How many Canadians died in the Battle of Jutland?

Unless they were part of the British crews, none.

How many people died during the Winnipeg general strike?

40 thousand canadians

Most Canadians live?

Yes, most Canadians do in fact live. -------- Actually no. More Canadians have died than live so most Canadians are dead.

Do Canadians eat fish?

Many Canadians do.

Where was dday located?


Where did Dday occur?

in Normandy, France