How many Chevrolet dealers are in the US?

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Should you take a Chevrolet Suburban to the dealer for repairs or use an independent car repair shop?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nA dealership will charge more (I work at one), but it will likely be done RIGHT. Especially if you take it to a Chevrolet dealer!\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nWe've been taking our truck to Bill Heard and they have no record, as of today, on repairs done last month an ( Full Answer )

How to get a used car dealer license in Texas?

How many cars do you have to sell in one year to be required to have a dealer's license in Texas? 5 or more and they must all be titled in your name not in the name of a business or other entity. It you sell 5 or more, or sell a car that is not titled in your name, you need a license.

How many Harley dealers worldwide?

According to Hoover's Profiles: Harley Davidson has a worldwide network of more than 1,500 dealers offering some 35 models of touring and custom Harleys .

Will a dealer buy my used car?

Answer . Most dealers won't buy a car outright, especially for the price they give you as "trade in value". A company called CarMax will though. Google them on your browser for more information.

Largest broker dealers in US?

I think was it was nerril lynch. but now it has been merged with BOfA. So it will be largest broker.. Sachin

Where do used car dealers get their cars?

Some from Toronto auction at Milton, some from private customers such as trade in, some from other dealers. Used car dealers usually get their vehicles from leasing companies, vehicle auctions, and trade-ins.

2000 Chevrolet venture no keys I have a key from the dealer. how to program it.?

Programming a new cut key is easy. Take the original key and insert it into the ignition switch and turn the ignition on. Then, turn it off and remove the original key. You then have 15 seconds to insert the new key and turn the ignition on. Leave it on a few seconds and then turn it off and remove ( Full Answer )

How many gun dealers are there in US?

1. There are currently 140,000 registered firearms sellers in theUnited States (source: Arming America, Origins of a National GunCulture) The statistic information above should be explained further.According ATF publication "Firearms Commerce in the United States:Annual Statistical Update 2014", the ( Full Answer )

Can a dealer program a used bcm?

According to my buddy who is a ase certified mechanic yes they can, but most of the time they will tell you that they cannot due to the fact they would rather make the markup on a new module and the installation, hope this answers your question.

How many quarts do you use for an oil change on a Chevrolet silverado 6.6l turbo diesel?

10 Quarts. I prefer to use a synthetic. Mobile One, 15W-50W, is what I use however, I am located on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. If you live up north, you may want to use a 5W-40W. No matter what you use or what brand just make sure that it is changed with the manufacturers instructions. Some think i ( Full Answer )

Why become a used car dealer?

Beause good old Chrysler or gm prob closed a dealership if u own 1. (and 4 no apparent reason)

Fuji Xerox dealers in US?

Fuji Xerox does not have any dealers in the United States. Xerox machines and related products and services are marked in the United States by the Xerox Corporation, which owns 25% of Fuji Xerox. Fuji Xerox markets Xerox machines and related products and services in the Asia-Pacific region, includi ( Full Answer )

How do you start used car dealer?

First, work for a used car dealer atleast 6 to 12 months. Then prepare a good used car dealer business plan. Go from there.

How used car dealers developed?

1. Loss-Leader Advertising : Have you ever see those ads in the paper for cars that are listed for well below what you'd expect to pay? Well, it's usually because they're undesirable colors, have no options or generally have problems. But car dealers aren't trying to sell you these cars, they just ( Full Answer )

How used car dealers develop?

1. Loss-Leader Advertising : Have you ever see those ads in the paper for cars that are listed for well below what you'd expect to pay? Well, it's usually because they're undesirable colors, have no options or generally have problems. But car dealers aren't trying to sell you these cars, they just ( Full Answer )

How many Mercedes dealers in us?

There are over 100 Mercedes dealers located all over the UnitedStates. People can find the exact location of every dealership onthe Mercedes website.

Can you return a used car to dealer?

It depends on the reason you are returning it and how you purchased it, and if you want money back or not. If you bought it AS-IS no warranty and something went wrong with it, legally the dealer is not responsible, and does not have to refund any money.

How many drug dealers exist?

You cant count how many drug dealers there are because no one is stupid enough to tell just anybody that they are drug dealers.

How long do you have to return a car to the dealer if is chevrolet certified pre owned?

There is no cooling off period on the purchase of an automobile. Once you buy the car, you own it, and you will only be able to return it if the dealer agrees. They will never agree on a new car purchase, but on a used car they may, if you ask very nicely and buy a different car from the same dealer ( Full Answer )

How many Saab dealers are there in Alabama?

There is only one SAAB dealer in the state of Alabama. It is located in Birmingham. There may be other used car lots which have SAABs ,but they are not a certified SAAB dealer.

How many GMC dealers are in California?

GMC has dealerships in 26 major Californian cities. GMC also offers direct dealership quotes availible on their website along with options and vehicle features.

Where in Minnesota can you find a Chevrolet dealer?

There are dozens of Chevrolet dealers in Minnesota. You should start by narrowing down the general area of Minnesota that you live in, so that you don't choose one across the state. Check your local yellow pages to see if there are any listed near you.

Who is the owner of Champion Chevrolet Car Dealer?

Each dealership has a different owner. So in order to know which owner you want you have to specify the dealership and which state it is in. It also depends on the country.

Where can one find a dealer with a Chevrolet Silverado?

Motortrend and the Chevrolet website both give locations of dealers in whatever local area is searched. A new Silverado can be found at a variety of dealers in each area. Used would be a little more specific of a search.

How many Saturn dealers are there in the USA?

There are more than 422 Saturn dealers all over the United States territory! Don't wait any longer to get your Saturn at your more convenient location.

What is a reputable used laptop dealer?

Canada Computers is a reputable used laptop dealer. They sell used or refurbished computer parts at a discounted cost. There are many locations in Canada, and they also have an online store.

How many Infiniti dealers are there in the US?

There are over 400 authentic Infiniti dealers located in the United States. There are thousands other dealerships in the US that sell used Infiniti vehicles.

Where is the dealer Friendly Chevrolet based?

There are many Friendly Chevrolet dealers around the US. Some of the cities they are located in are Springfield IL, Dallas TX, Fridley MN, and Troy Mt to name a few.

Where can one locate their nearest Chevrolet dealer?

One may locate their nearest Chevrolet dealer by first visiting the Chevrolet official main page or by using the site "Chevy Dealer". One will enter their post code and a listing will be promptly displayed.

Where can a Chevrolet dealer locator be located?

The official Chevrolet website has a dealer locator tool. One can even specify certain types of dealers to search for, such as those with a full service department.

What is car dealer software used for?

A car dealer software is used for the following: Managing vehicle inventory, review account balances and manage funds, add or subtract repair or improvement costs, store customer details.

How many Bentley dealers are there?

There are 161 worldwide. The had plans to add 25 dealerships in2012. I cannot find any information if they did or not.

How many Toyota dealers does US?

As of 2013 Toyota had 1,233 dealers in the united states andemploys over 31,000 people in them and their factories. Toyotamakes 9 models in the U.S and exports them from the U.S. to 23countries