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It takes 225 Earth days, or about 71/2 months, for Venus to orbit the sun.

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Venus orbits the sun ever 224.7 Earth days, so 1 Venus year is equal to 0.6152 Earth years.

Venus takes less time to orbit the sun than Earth does. One year on Venus is about 0.6 years on earth, or a little more than 7 months.

Venus takes 224.7 Earth days to orbit the sun. A year on Venus is 0.62 as long as a year on Earth. However, a day on Venus is actually a little longer than a year on Venus..

It takes Venus 225 days to orbit the sun

Venus has a "year" (time to orbit the Sun) that's about 224.7 Earth days long.

Halley's Comet doesn't orbit the Earth; it orbits the Sun. It is in a highly elliptical orbit that takes it out beyond the orbit of Neptune, and comes just inside the orbit of Venus, taking 76 years to complete one orbit.

It takes Venus about 224.7 Earth days to orbit the Sun.

Venus has no natural satellites but probes have been sent their for many years now.

Venus is about 3 lightminutes away from Earth.

Mercury and Venus has no moons, Earth has the one and Mars has two, Phobos and Deimos.

It takes 1,000,000 earth days for venus to orbit the sun.

it takes venus 225 earth days to rotae on its axis to the un and it takes earth 12 hours.'

One Venus year is equivalent to 255 Earth days, or about 0.7 Earth years.

About 30 Earth years. 29.657296 Earth years. It takes Saturn 29.657296 Earth years to orbit the sun once.

Jupiter does not orbit the earth, it orbits the sun.

Mercury's orbit of the sun take 88 Earth days so 0.24 Earth years

Uranus takes approximately 89.3 earth years to orbit the sun.

Jupiter takes 11.8618 Earth years to orbit the sun once

Earth takes 1 year for 1 orbit around the sun. So, in 100 years, Earth can orbit the sun 100 times.

It requires about 29.43 earth years (about 10,742 earth days) to complete one orbit around the sun.

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