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How many English soldiers were wounded in World War 1?


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Hi, there was about 204,000 wounded in wold war one.

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About 21,228,000 military personel wounded in total.

50,000 were killed and 230,000 were wounded

About 116,500 were killed with another 204,000 wounded.

5 soldiers were wounded in the Battle of Trenton.

Around 290,000 french troops were wounded during the second world war

Most were in London. Many civilian hospitals were turned into military hospitals due to the large amount of wounded soldiers.

Simple Really: 15 million were wounded 20 million died Hope this helps!! :)

There are far too many names of wounded fighting men in WW2 to list.

2,160 Confederate soldiers were wounded at Chattanooga

It is estimated that there were about 24,000 British soldiers were wounded in the Revolutionary War. The American who were wounded were about 8,445.

194,026 were listed as "wounded in battle".

4,247,143 German soldiers were wounded in battle during the Great War.

5,150 New Zealand's soldiers were wounded or missing in Gallipoli.

2,090,212 British soldiers were wounded in World War 1

2,721 New Zealand soldiers died and 4,752 were injured.

470,000 English Soldiers were killed in WW1

The Battle of Britain was an air campaign. No German soldiers were wounded, only airmen.

2,402 Americans were killed and 1,282 were wounded.

About 408,000 US soldiers were killed in World War II.

The total number of US soldiers wounded in the Vietnam War was 303,604, with 153,303 of those wounded to the extent that they required a hospital stay.

329,208 dead and 348,403 wounded

There were over 16 million deaths and 20 million wounded

over 18,000 where died and 20,000 wher wounded

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