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Q: How many French speaking cities are there?
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Are there any french-speaking cities in Alberta?


Which state of America speaks French and why?

No U.S. state speaks French, however there are large French-speaking populations in many major cities, particularly in Louisiana.

What are two french speaking cities in France?

Paris and Bordeux

List of cities in Madagascar that speak french?

The whole country of Madagascar has French-speaking populations, usually the highly educated. Antananarivo, the capital city, like other Malagasy cities has a french speaking population.

Name two french speaking cities?

Paris and New Orleans.

How many french speaking countries are there?

there are 43 french speaking countries

What are some French speaking cities?

Quebec, Toronto, Paris, Winnipeg, Switzerland, Belguim

How many French-speaking countries exist in the world?

There are 53 french speaking countries in the world.

What do Djibouti and Paris have in common?

Paris and Djibouti are both capital cities, both their countries' largest cities, both primarily French-speaking (Djibouti was founded by the French in 1888).

What are switzerland's largest cities and in which language region is the capital located?

The largest city is Zürich (German speaking) then in order Geneva (French speaking, Genève in French), Basel (German) Bern (the capital, German) Lausanne (French)

Who is Canada's second largest city and one ofthe largest french speaking cities in the world?


What are all the french-speaking Canadian cities?

pretty much all of Canada, the main city is Montreal