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About 5 million German Soldiers were killed during WW2.

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Q: How many German's soldiers died in World War 2?
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How many Germans died in World War 1?

2,036,897 soldiers will killed in World War One.

How many Allied soldiers and Germans fought on D-Day and how many died?

10,000 Germans fought on D-Day and 4,000 to 9,000 died.

How many soviets died in all in World War 2?

I know because iam Russian 20 million people died including soldiers but Germans 10,700,000

Who died at vimy ridge?

Over 3,500 Canadian soldiers and an unknown number of Germans. Although the Germans suffered about 20,000 casualties in that battle. It is unknown how many died and how many were wounded.

When soldiers were stranded on the beach in Dunkirk by the Germans in World War 2 how many died or were killed before the ships came to rescue them?

over 100

How many soldiers died in World War 1 and two?

In World War I about 9.7 million soldiers died. In World War II about 24 million soldiers died.

How many Germans died on Juno beach?

No records remain about the number of Germans who died in the attack on Juno Beach in June of 1944. About 360 Canadian and British soldiers died at the attack.

How many American soldiers died in ww1?

110,000 soldiers died in World War 1.

How many Germans died in World War I?

abou a million

How many Axis soldiers died in World War 2?

6,310,000 axis soldiers died in World War II

Why were the Germans defeated in Stalingrad?

The Germans were not prepared for the temperatures they faced when entering Russia. Many of the soldiers died from Hypothermia and hunger due to poor planning.

How many Germans fought in World War 2 and how many died?


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