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How many Gmail accounts in the world?


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2012-01-29 13:46:08
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There are about 350 million users as of Jan 2012.

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you can have as many gmail accounts as you want

There is no limit to the accounts that can be created. The amount of accounts is limitless on Gmail. However if you try many, your accounts will be blocked.

You can put any name for your Gmail in iPod. Gmail accounts have a unique name to them. You can add many accounts in one place.

I think you can have as many as you want!

You can view all of your Gmail accounts on the Gmail homepage. It shows all the accounts that you logged it. It can even save passwords for the accounts.

Yes, you can have a Gmail account in Israel. You can actually have it anywhere in the world. The amount of Gmail accounts are huge.

There are millions on Gmail accounts existing right now. These accounts might belong to various people. They are used to send mails and receive them too. is a independent organisation of e-commerce. It does not have Gmail but can logged in via Gmail. Amazon accounts can be created via Gmail accounts.

No, gmail accounts are free to the user and you get thousands of millibytes of storage for free also.

You cannot search Gmail accounts easily. There is no list of people who are on Gmail. This list would hurt the privacy of the owners.

You can import your accounts from Gmail to anywhere. Gmail exports the accounts in the form of CSV file. They can be opened and exported into an iPad.

"Gmail is reliable. Gmail has many great features including spam blocking, significant space per account, and there is encryption on gmail accounts to ensure security."

People could hack your Gmail accounts. Gmail accounts could contain passwords, bank statements etc. Money could be hacked via these google accounts.

Gmail accounts are individually owned. You can sign up for a Gmail account directly from their website. The accounts are free and can be customized for sending and receiving mail.

Gmail is a free service available around the world that allows you to send mail electronically and also correspond in your own language. Correo gmail accounts are written in Spanish.

Yes, you can open additional Gmail accounts. These accounts can be opened via different ID's. Multiple ID's with same name can be created.

You can create many accounts with one person. It is because there is no verification per person. However creating number of accounts can block your account.

You can make as many accounts you want to. There is no limit or end to that. However if you make many accounts with same information, they might be blocked.

you go to and you go to gmail accounts

No, there is only a main account. No sub accounts are present in Gmail. You have to work within a single account only.

You have to add Gmail app for that use. In that app you can add as many accounts you want. You just have to enter in your credentials.

There are many Gmail servers based around the world.

Recently many Gmail accounts were hacked. Isleakeddot com contained all of the list of that accounts. You can check the accounts is hacked or not there.

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