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Madonna has 7 Guinness World Records ...

1.Top-Selling Female Recording Artist (2011)- 200 million records worldwide

2.The Female Artist with The Most #1 singles in the UK- 9th Number Ones

3.The Artist with The Most #1 Dvd's in the US- (Celebration is her last DVD topped the Chart)

4.The Highest Grossing Tour for a Solo Artist of All Time

5.The Most Costume Changes in a film Evita (more than 300)

6.The World's Most Successful Female Musician (2007)

7. Highest Paid Female Singer (2006)

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There are many misses and mistakens there:

Madonna have 13 number ones and 63 TOP 10's in UK - not 9!

Both are Records: Female Artist with Most #01's in UK Charts and Female Artist with Most Top 10's in UK Charts. In US she is also Female Artist with Most 10 Hits.

She also have 36 consecutive TOP 10's Hits in UK Charts ('84-'94) and 16 TOP 10 consecutive Hits in US Charts ('84-'89). Both these records (Artist with Most Consecutive TOP 10 Hits in UK and Artist with Most Consecutive TOP 5 Hits in US) she will likely mantain for many years to come as none with active strings is even half way there.

Madonna record sales according to Guiness Records were already over 305 million in 2008 (and over 200 million ALBUMS sold). Their latest update until 2014 but put's her at over 335 million records sales already):

Madonna have many more active Guiness World Records (a total of 36 active records and another 20 she no longer holds), some them she beat herself again and again over the years.

Madonna is the Biggest Ticket Grossing Solo Artist in the World with over $1.3 billion gross (only Rolling Stones and U2 did more - Bruce Springteen follows Madonna with $1.2 billion but while he did over 1300 concerts to achieve this number Madonna did it with around 500 concerts only).

Madonna still holds important records like Album that went to #01 in most countries in the World ("Confessions on a Dancefloor" in 2005 was #01 in 40 countries), Song/Single that went to #01 in most countries in the World ("Hung Up" in 2005 was #01 in 41 countries) and Album that spent more weeks at #01 on European Charts ("True Blue" 1986/1989 was #01 for 34 weeks on Eurocharts TOP 100 Albums) - Madonna still hold all these records!

Madonna also have the Best Selling Greatest Hits Album Collection by a Solo Artist ("The Immaculate Collection" released in 1990) and it's very unlikely she loses this record anytime soon.

Madonna is the most remixed artist in the World and Artist that Won more Global Dance Awards (11 in total).

Madonna also is The Oldest artist to simultaneously top the UK singles and album charts

Madonna have Largest live internet pop concert. In 2008 at the Brixton Academy, London, UK, Madonna performed a concert that had public and was also broadcast live over the internet to over 11 million people (verified by Guinness World Records).

Madonna also have the Record for Largest environmental fundraising event

Madonna have other records on books too: "Sex" book by Madonna from 1992 is the biggest selling coffee-table book in the World and also was the Fastest Selling Coffee-Table Book with over 1.5 million books sold during the first 3 days.

"The English Rose" by Madonna from 2003 was the Fastest Selling Children Illustrated Book with record sales on week of the released worldwide (and including all non illustraded-Children books only the nº5 from Harry Potter series did better than this book by a few hundred units).

There are more records I don't remember now but she does have more Guiness World Records

New records? Madonna have the Most #01's in one single Billboard Chart (got her 50th #01 at the Dance Club Chart in 2020 but this record she have since 2015 already):

In 2020 she was the First Artist to have #01's on Billboard Clud Dance Charts in 5 different decades - not sure this is on Guiness Already but it will sure make it there.

I had official links to prove all this but it seems ANSWERS doesn't allow links.

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Q: How many Guinness World Records does Madonna hold?
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