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How many Gypsies were killed in the Holocaust?

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The people known as the Roma (they prefer that word over the derogatory "Gypsy") suffered between 500,000 and 600.000 deaths at the hands of the Nazis in World War II. Most of those were at Auschwitz.


They most certainly do not prefer to be called 'Roma'. The Roma were one tribe particular to southern Germany (and the region) there were a dozen other tribes that were almost completely eliminated it is insulting to pretend that they did not exist.

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How many Gypsies Romans killed during the Holocaust?

1.5 million gypsies were killed during the holocaust.

How many Gypsies died in the Holocaust?

500,000 to 600,000 roma (or gypsies) died during the holocaust

Why they killed children during the holocaust?

Mostly, because they were Jewish or Gypsies.

How many Poles and Gypsies died in World war two?

Between 1.8 million and 2 million Poles were killed and between 220,000 and 1,5000,000 gypsies were killed in the Holocaust. 66,000 Poles were killed in the invasion of Poland.

What is more serious than the Holocaust?

Stalin killed more than 20 million people. Only 6 million people were killed during the holocaust, many of which were jews, Gypsies, Muslims, and gays.

How many yugoslavian Jews died during the Holocaust?

750,000 Serbs, Jews, and Gypsies were killed in concetration camps in Yugoslavia.

How many persons were killed in the holocaust?

around 6 million people incuding Jews, gypsies, disabled people etc

What group of people were doing the killing in the holocaust?

The Germans killed most of the Jews and gypsies.

Types of people killed during holocaust?

The Holocaust was the attempted extermination of Europe's Jews. At the same time there was an effort to kill as many Gypsies as possible. There were many more victims of the Nazis, but they were not persecuted like those in the Holocaust.

How many Roma were killed in the Holocaust?

Roma's are referred to as Gypsies. During the Holocaust, it's to be said that around 300,000 Roma's were killed during the Holocaust. However, the figure is disputed by some and the death toll of Roma's is to be said to be between 250,000 and 500,000.

Who were the main people involved in Genocide?

the Jews were the main people killed in the holocaust. some gypsies were killed but mainly the Jews

How many vagrants died during the holocaust?

The vagrants of the holocaust were referred to as the Romani or gypsies. An estimated 220,000-500,000 gypsies and vagrants died.

Who were killed besides Jews in the Holocaust?

Anyone Hitler believed didn't have morals, like homosexuals.

How many people were killed in the holocaust other than Jews?

People that were killed during the Holocaust in addition to the millions of Jews were the Freemasons, Jehovah's Witnesses, homosexuals, and people with disabilities. Also killed were Gypsies, Poles, Soviet POWs, and slaves in Eastern Europe.

Were jews the only ones killed?

No , the Jews were not the only ones killed in the Holacoust. Gypsies, Gays , P.O.W , and Jews were killed in the Holocaust. But most of the killed wre the Jews. Gays and Gypsies were not as hated by the Nazis as the Jews were . But again . no the Jews were not the only ones killed :)

What other types of people were killed in the Holocaust besides the Jewish people?

Hitler killed Jews,Gypsies,homesexuals,and anyone Who did not follow him.

Was gypsies in holocaust?

Gypsies suffered their own genocide (which was arguably more devastating than the Holocaust) along side the Holocaust.

How many gypsies killed in World War 2?

1 million. __ It's thought about 1 million Roma lived in Europe at the time of the Holocaust. An estimated 25% or 220,000 perished in the Holocaust.

Who was killed as a result of the Holocaust?

Jews mostly, Communists, Gypsies, Mentally Handicapped, Polish, basically Minority's.

How many people other than Jews were killed during the Holocaust?

none, the gypsies suffered thier own genocide at the same time though.

How were Jews and gypsies abused?

During the Holocaust, six million Jews were killed by the Nazis. The Nazis also killed other civilians, including a number of Roma (Gypsies) now estimated as between 100,000 and 250,000.

Were gypsies involved in the holocaust?

Yes, the gypsies were also slaughtered.

Other groups of people besides the Jews who were killed during the Holocaust?

gypsies --- Please see the related question.

About how many non Jews were killed in the Holocaust?

About how many non Jews were killed in the Holocaust

What are some other groups other than Jews that were killed in the holoucast?

There were many other groups that had people killed by Hitler and the Nazis, but the Holocaust was the specific actions against the Jews, therefore there were no other groups killed in the Holocaust. The only other group which suffered similar persecution to the Jews was the gypsies.

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