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Rumor has it that there will be atleast 5 but maybe 7 or 6. Disney Channal sorta holds it as a seceret. But there probably will be a forth.

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How many high school musicals are there going to be?

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How many high school musicals are they doing?

Only 3 i think.

Why did the writer make High School Musical a musical?

they did it to be diffrent. there aren't many musicals any more, well not many for kids at least.

How Many High School Musicals are there?

5 hsms hsm4 is coming out soon

Is it illegal for professional musicians to play for school musicals?

Professional musicians can legally play for school musicals in many states.

How many high school musicals will be made?

There are currently three High School Musical films, and one direct-to-DVD spin-off film. After the release of Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure, no High School Musical sequels have been announced to be in the works at this curent time.

How many musicals did Shirley temple make?


What are some good musicals a High School could put on?

There are many musicals! Any of which a High school could perfrom!High School Musical! (No I'm Kidding)Les MiserablesMusic ManGrease!Hello DollyHow to Succeed in Business Without Really TryingWickedPhantom of the Opera *Jesus Christ Super StarHair SprayBilly Elliot*Mamma MiaOlkalhoma!Sound of MusicEvitaJoseph and the technicolored coatThese are just a few of the well known Musicals!* Take note that quite a few of these Musicals need singers with a huge range e.g. 3 octaves and really good dancers!

How many high school musical are there going to be?

As you know, there are already 2 High School Musicals. The third one is now in production, set to release on October 24th, 2008. There are rumors that a High School Musical 4 is started to get written. It would either be about the new characters being introduced in High School Musical 3, because the new characters are sophomores, or it will be about Troy and Gabriella and their freshman year of college.

What is the name of Louis Tomlinson's from one direction first band?

He did not have a band but he starred in many school musicals.

How many high school musical films are they going to make?


What movie studio puts out classic musicals?

The MGM studio produced many musicals.

What are some good musicals for a High School Theatre Department with a very limited number of guys that can sing?

depending on how many you have...fiddler on the roof, king and i.. you could ask if any of the chorous boys would want to help out.

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Go to your high school

When was Many Farms High School created?

Many Farms High School was created in 1969.

How many Broadway musicals are there?


How many games make up a high school volleyball match?

five, cinq, cinco

How many laps in a high school track for a mile?

4 laps make 1 mile

How many high school football teams are there in the US?

How many high school football teams are there in 38126?

How many High School credits do you need to get into UCLA?

How many high school credits do I need to get into UCLA?

How many high school relationships stay together out of high school?


How many credits of high school?

It depends wahts high school you go to.

How many high school students have a job in high school?

probably 55.4%

How many classes does a high school student has?

How Many Classes Does A Student Take In High School?a day 4 or so in the whole high school career 36

How many musicals have won Oscars?


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